MEILLER at bauma 2019

As the world's leading trade fair for construction vehicles, bauma is one of the largest meeting places for the industry and the exhibition highlight of the year. Safety and efficiency are paramount as MEILLER presents its latest innovations and products. Here's a foretaste of what awaits you. The countdown has started.

Countdown to bauma:

Our bauma highlights

RS 26 Hooklift

The new benchmark for heavy duty use
The new RS26 hooklift from MEILLER is not simply a further development of the latest series of reliable hooklifts. When it comes to payload, speed and construction height, this premium product represents a new benchmark in the sector for heavy duty operations with 3 and 4-axle vehicles.

With a lifting capacity of 26 tons, weight reduced by up to 710 kg when compared to its predecessor and a doubling of its working speed, the RS26 is not only the lightest and fastest hooklift of its kind, but also the most powerful.

The RS26 is available in two variants: In addition to a unit with the classic sliding hook arm, the new hooklift will also be available in a TS version with a telescopic pivoting arm. As well as being extendable, the arm in the latter version can also swivel. This additional function permits the user to keep the container flatter when pulling it on, thus exploiting the strength of the proven MEILLER hydraulic system to a maximum degree. When it comes to the lengths of containers to be transported, the swivelling arm also enables the achievement of enormous variance.

i.s.a.r.-control 3

The third generation of the MEILLER remote control
The new i.s.a.r.-control presents itself with a new operating concept for easier operation and reliable control of all superstructures. Previously available control elements are reduced with the i.s.a.r.-control remote 3 and complemented by a display and joystick combination.

The main and secondary functions of the superstructure will in future be controlled through a joystick on the control unit. Only those functions actually included in the specific MEILLER superstructure ordered by the customer are illustrated on the display in each individual case.

Practical sequence control which enables automated and, consequently, more efficient realisation of specific working cycles performed by MEILLER superstructures can also be controlled with the new i.s.a.r.-control remote system through considerably simplified operating features. The battery and other control unit components can be replaced without difficulty.

The intelligent networking of the i.s.a.r.-control with the tractor vehicle also contributes to fuel savings and lower pollution and noise emissions. The start/stop function and patented MEILLER automatic speed control ensure that the engine only runs when work is actually being performed with the superstructure and the speed is lowered or increased, depending on the power required.

MEILLER Eco-Kupplung ®

Efficient tipping at the push of a button
The new MEILLER Eco-Kupplung ® (eco clutch) is located between the engine-driven PTO and the hydraulic pump and serves as a system which facilitates flexible activation. Whereas hydraulic systems could only be operated previously when stationary in the case of gearbox-driven pumps, the eco clutch now means that efficient operation can be continued while travelling.

The driver can commence tipping without delay what means that even more time and money can be saved: Between 0.5 und 1.4 litres of diesel per hour or up to 3.5 litres every 100 km can be achieved.

The hydraulics can still be operated with ease in the familiar manner using the PTO in the vehicle cab. Intuitive tipper control remains the same for the driver, while the superstructure can operate much earlier and with greater efficiency, thanks to variable activation. In addition to the economic advantage, the fuel saving achieved means that use of the unit is also considerably more favourable from an ecological point of view.

Our exhibits

MEILLER Skip handler AK16

AK16 Skip handler

The reliable partner for the waste disposal industry

  • Nominal load of 18 t
  • For vehicles with 3 axles and a total weight of 33 t
  • Fully automated container safety system
  • For containers/Skips DIN 30720 Parts 1 and 2, DIN 30 730 K1 and K2 as well as silo containers
MEILLER Three-way tipper D316

D316 Three-way tipper

The all-rounder for varied tasks

  • Nominal load of 16 t
  • For vehicles with 3 axles and a total weight of 26 t
  • Transport of Euro pallets, normal and heavy bulk materials such as rocks and concrete rubble
  • MEILLER Bordmatik: Convenient opening and closing of the left side wall
  • Innvoative lashing possibilities and tarpaulin systems for optimal load securing
Centre-axle trailer MZDA18.23

MZDA18.23 Centre-axle trailer

The light series focuses on "payload"

  • Nominal load of 13,6 t
  • Suitable for all bulk materials such as sand, gravel, excavated material
  • Innvoative lashing possibilities for optimal load securing
  • Robust M-Jet side wall with membrane effect
  • MEILLER Bordmatik: Convenient opening and closing of the left side wall
MEILLER Tipping semi-trailer MHPS

MHPS44/3 Tipping semi-trailer heat insulated

The trailer for heavy duty use

  • 3-axle trailer with a nominal volume of 25 m³
  • robust steel tipper body "Halfpipe" for bulk material such as gravel, or rocks
  • Heat insulated tipper body for constantly high temperatures
  • Tailgate top-hinged and outboard
Rear tipper H450

H450 Rear tipper

The international all-rounder

  • 4-axle rear tipper with a nominal load of 50 t
  • Nominal volume up to 28 m³
  • Angular tipper body shape designed for heavy duty use
  • Jet side wall for high stability and a long life cycle
  • Reinforced subframe for universal use with rugged durability
Rear tipper P536

P536 Rear tipper

Ready for universal operation

  • 5-axle rear tipper with a nominal load of 36 t
  • Nominal volume up to 20 m³
  • Half-round tipper body shape (Halfpipe) for  optimal off-flowing of the bulk material
  • Reinforced subframe for universal use with rugged durability
  • Hydraulic tailgate slanted inboard
MEILLER Rock tipper

Rock tipper

The tipper for when it gets tough

  • Easy and safe  loading and unloading of bulky loads such as heavy rocks
  • Tipper body floor VS120 (depth of 8 or 10 mm, hardness of 450 HBW)
  • Hinged corner post at the rear provides optimum dropping off of bulk material

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