Save the date: IAA Transportation

We will be presenting numerous innovations and product improvements in every tipper segment and a comprehensive package of services at this year’s IAA Transportation in Hanover.

As a special highlight, MEILLER heralds the new three-way tipper generation with the TRIGENIUS®. We are presenting the new product range to the public for the first time at the IAA. 

World premiere: A new tipper generation

Celebrate with us the world premiere of the new TRIGENIUS® three-way tipper generation at the IAA Transportation.

With the TRIGENIUS®, MEILLER has completely redesigned the three-way tipper: inspired by users' experiences and wishes, the result is a triple genius three-way tipper that outstandingly meets every challenge: Economic. Reliable. Innovative.

All TRIGENIUS® new developments have been consistently implemented in all series - whether large 4-axle or small 2-axle three-way tipper: the new styling, the modular design and the uniform, innovative operating concept ensure efficiency and safety during operation.

Learn more about this new product at our TRIGENIUS promotion page.


Our trade fair highlights

Equipped with alternative drive systems

MEILLER addressed the subject of alternative OEM drives at an early stage, developing solutions for e-tippers. We are today capable of mounting our products on practically every currently existing e-truck from European manufacturers. It is irrelevant in this respect whether BEVs are already equipped with the mechanical power take-off (PTO) required for their superstructure hydraulics or an electric power take-off (E-PTO).


MEILLER skip handlers are easier to adapt

A further highlight will be the presentation of our revised AK14 skip handler for a nominal load of 14 tonnes. No longer a welded solution, the unit will in future be supplied for use with a modular screw system. Screw-based enhancement of the superstructure facilitates considerably quicker spare part replacement of defective or worn components. It also makes subsequent needs-based adaptation of the tipping superstructure more flexible if components on the skip handler need to be altered or supplemented.


MEILLER skip handlers and hooklifts have an even longer service life

MEILLER has changed to a cathodic dip coating for steel components to ensure the greater durability of our skip handlers and hooklifts. The cathodic electrophoretic deposition process provides excellent protection against corrosion. The hardness of this new primer makes the unit less sensitive to scratching and damage caused by stone chippings. We can also reduce the solvent content considerably as a result, making priming of our products more eco-friendly and sustainable.


60 month guarantee on all load-bearing parts

Adopting the motto “Designed for Future”, the new technology employed for skip handlers and hooklifts sees MEILLER extending the guarantee for all load-bearing parts of container changing systems to five years with immediate effect. This includes components such as the base frame, booms, arms of all kinds, loading platforms and stabilising jacks. The only prerequisite necessary for the guarantee is the observance of prescribed service intervals.


Other exhibits

MEILLER container transport trailer

Container transport trailer

The high-quality trailer for roll-off containers

  • Nominal load of 14,65 t
  • For roll-off containers with lengths of 5–7 m acc. to DIN 30 722-1/2, DIN 14 505
  • Fully automatic container securing
  • Durable due to rigid chassis frame
  • Low wear due to closed, low-deformation outer guide roller
Rear tipper H436

H436 Rear tipper

Angular tipper body shape designed for heavy duty use

  • 4-axle rear tipper with a nominal load of 36 t
  • Nominal volume up to 20 m³
  • Jet side wall for high stability and a long life cycle
  • Reinforced subframe for universal use with rugged durability
Rear tipper P436

P436 Rear tipper

Tipper with halfpipe body 

  • 4-axle rear tipper with a nominal load of 36 t
  • Nominal volume up to 20 m³
  • Half-round tipper body shape (Halfpipe) for  optimal off-flowing of the bulk material
  • Reinforced subframe for universal use with rugged durability
  • Hydraulic tailgate slanted inboard
MEILLER Tipping semi-trailer MHPS

MHPS44.3 Tipping semi-trailer

The trailer for heavy duty use

  • 3-axle trailer with a nominal volume of 25 to 28 m³
  • robust steel tipper body "Halfpipe" for bulk material such as gravel, or rocks
  • Heat insulated tipper body for constantly high temperatures
  • Tailgate top-hinged and outboard
Tipping semi trailer MHKA44.3

MHKA44.3 Tipping semi-trailer

The lightweight tipping seimi-trailer for more payload

  • 3-axle trailer with a nominal volume of 25 to 35 m³
  • Light aluminium tipper body
  • Are ideal for operations with a few tippings per day and a high road portion
  • Are designed for less abrasive bulk material such as sand, gravel and grit

The vehicles shown are examples. The demonstrated vehicles at the exhibition can vary in colour and equipment.

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IAA Transportation 2022

MEILLER trade fair stand

MEILLER trade fair stand

Messe Hannover
Exhibition Center
30521 Hanover

Indoor stand: Pavilion P32
Outdoor stand: R76 outdoor exhibition area

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