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Customer Portrait: TMG in Bitterfeld

A day with an empty courtyard is a good day.

Empty. No vehicle in sight. The whole courtyard is vacant – and that is a good sign. Because when general manager and owner of TMG Bitterfeld Bernd Ehrlich looks out of the window to see an empty courtyard, he knows all his vehicles are in operation.

TMG Group - Bernd Ehrlich
Owner and Managing Director Bernd Ehrlich

300 employees work at TMG, covering a wide range of transportation and logistics services including taxi services, long distance transport, construction site logistics and bulk transport using MEILLER tippers.

TMG stands for „Taxen, Gütertransport und Mietwagen“ (taxi, transport of goods and rental vehicles) but could also stand for „Transport mit Güte“ (quality transport). The company arose from a taxi business. In 1991, after the German reunification, Bernd Ehrlich and a friend founded TMG with a few cars, trucks, vans and two truck tractors. A strong economy in Bitterfeld helped to secure orders. “One of the biggest chemical plants of the GDR, IG Farben, was located in Bitterfeld”, explains Ehrlich. TMG was able to acquire suitable property in the area.

The beginning was not easy. “We were naive”, says experienced businessman Ehrlich. For many years, TMG used to be number two in the market. Then his partner had to leave the business for health reasons. Still, the company continued to grow and thanks to a flexible strategy became market leader in the region. A high degree of flexibility is required, explains Ehrlich. The company owner seems very calm and relaxed but is full of energy and urge to accomplish new things. He knows how to operate all tippers and vehicles, an entrepreneur with a hands-on attitude. Having implemented a new logistics concept including storage, transport and delivery, he now occupies a niche that ensures long-term planning security. “The order situation can change every day and one has to adapt to the changing situation”, says Ehrlich.

TMG during roadworks
MEILLER tipper in use for road construction for TMG.

TMG’s biggest division is bulk transport with 120 trucks and 130 drivers. Almost all vehicles are equipped with MEILLER tippers. „MEILLER was able to convince us”, declares Ehrlich. It was the robust construction and high quality manufacture that convinced him. “We need reliability of the product and a reliable service“. MEILLER offers both. Whether demolition work or road and tunnel construction, robust vehicles are required. MEILLER tippers were also in operation during the big floods of 2002 and 2013, when it was especially important to rely on solid equipment.

Necessary repairs are carried out by TMG employees – mainly on site. “Due to weather conditions bulk transport is only possible seven or eight months a year. We therefore cannot afford to lose time”. Bulk transport requires exact calculations, profit margins are not high, good drivers are hard to find.

Nevertheless, the 53-year-old company owner sends his drivers and vehicles throughout Germany. He knows that major road and railway construction projects linked to the German reunification have almost come to an end. TMG has played an important role in these projects. Now the fleet is also in operation in Hamburg, Cologne or Munich. However, changing head offices is not an option. „After 1989 five million citizens wanted to leave the former GDR – I was one of them. But I stayed and I am planning on staying here as long as our business continues to be successful”, says Ehrlich. Looking out on the empty courtyard he knows: it is a good day.

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