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Customer portrait: E. Sudy GmbH

Thermos flask for the "black gold"

Requirements in the road construction industry are increasing. Transport companies have to work under pressure in terms of deadlines and availability. They therefore need a vehicle that is able to meet those requirements.


Sudy GmbH - Erwin Sudy
Company owner Erwin Sudy

In Entschendorf in Styria/Austria the Sudy family runs a retail store and a transport company. The family also operates a vineyard. "During the building season, it is very quiet on our courtyard since all our vehicles are scattered throughout Austria. In the wintertime, they return for maintenance and repair", explains Erwin Sudy, an entrepreneur whose company has several pillars. While the courtyard may be quiet during that time, the wine-cellars on the property are busy.The harvest has been gathered, the 2013 vintage is ready to be offered for tasting for the first time, directly from the big water-cooled steel cylinder. While taking samples from the Welschriesling, Erwin Sudy tells about the family history: “In our family, winegrowing has a long tradition of almost 100 years whereas the first Steyr truck was bought in the 1950s, marking the beginning of our transport company. Back then we drove about eight hours from here to a customer in Wels.” Meanwhile the company owns 25 trucks, mostly 3-and 4-axle vehicles, a few semi-trailers and crane trucks as well as 15 excavators. Just like anywhere else, business is affected by political decisions: “This year we had to take out two of our trucks because they only fulfilled the emission standards of Euro 1. Next year six other Euro 2 trucks will have to be cut off due to the ban on driving”, Sudy explains.

MEILLER fully insulated asphalt tipper in use.
MEILLER fully insulated asphalt tipper in use.

New possibilities

The continued growth of the transport company Sudy is no mere coincidence. With a distinct business sense Erwin Sudy has made a name for himself in roadwork which stands for long lasting quality and dependability. “The development does not stop and we keep on testing new vehicles. We now have a few specialties in the field of asphalt tipper bodies in our fleet. Currently we are testing a fully isolated asphalt tipper body from MEILLER, which is built on a very complex chassis. This MEILLER vehicle is something like an ace up our sleeve which we always draw when the challenge is really tough”, Sudy explains about the newest vehicle, almost casually but with shining eyes.

Easy handling

Fully isolated asphalt tipper bodies really optimize the transport of bitumen from the mixing plant to the building lot. In order to preserve the core as well as the outdoor temperatures and to therefore ensure the quality of the material, MEILLER developed a fully isolated asphalt tipper body. The pear-shaped body is covered by a fiberglass-reinforced plastic cover (GFK). Under the GFK- protective cover is a thick thermo-insulation with an aluminum vapor barrier. This insulation provides protection against wind blast and low temperatures. Two completely hydraulic aluminum covers made of aluminum hollow profiles offer a thermal air cushion between the profiles, protecting the material from cooling down. Both lids can be folded away and reach a bottom up loading opening of almost 4 meters – the filling of the mixing plant and the side-loading are made easier. Michael Grössing, truck driver at Sudy and currently operating the MEILLER asphalt tipper body, is excited about the vehicle: “A lot of things got extensively easier: such as roundabouts, narrow curves, and inaccessible garage entrances. But there are a lot of further advantages. For example, the stability is excellent due to its low center of gravity and the body also has enough overhang both to operate the road paver and for fine filling. The required amount of material can be precisely adapted to one’s work.” MEILLER asphalt tipper bodies provide a safe thermic process chain in road construction and guarantee the quality of the material, even after long travelling times and at very low outside temperatures. “Particularly advantageous is the i.s.a.r.-control remote control, which allows comfortable handling from every position around the vehicle”, says Grössing.

Economically interesting

The transport company also benefits economically from the performance of a fully isolated asphalt tipper body. “During asphalt paving work with non-isolated tipping semi-trailers, we switch off the motor, stand at the side and wait for our turn. So we reach a high amount of working hours at low running costs and without affecting the quality of the bitumen. We also have a huge advantage when it comes to low outside temperatures in springtime or autumn. While others are not ready for operation, we are already able to deliver”, Erwin Sudy explains the business advantages concerning the pear-shaped asphalt tipper body. At MEILLER, the customer is supplied with a steel construction, hydraulic equipment and control system by a single provider. Thanks to the high quality at MEILLER, a long lifecycle of the products is ensured. Another core aspect is the process security in road construction works. Currently the legislation is changing. It is requested to permanently keep records of the temperature of the material. The MEILLER asphalt tipper body gives the possibility to check the temperature via monitor at any time.

Future with tradition

Having finished our conversation about recent developments in asphalt construction, the tour through the courtyard continues.  “Now it is time to discover real treasures”, Erwin Sudy says. “I refurbished an old Steyr, exactly the same one that we started our business with back in the 50’s. Last year I found a Triumph TR4 in perfect conditions and this old Puch has belonged to our family for ages. But now we have to take a look into a different hall, I have something very special in there that may nterest you…”, Erwin Sudy completes the interesting visit. We would love to come back and discover new things.

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