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Operation report: LEONHARD WEISS GmbH & Co. KG

MEILLER thermally insulated tipping semitrailers make high-quality asphalt paving much easier

"Autobahn A 70 Bamberg towards Schweinfurt between Knetzgau and Schonungen 6 km traffic jam due to building works." One radio report among many. Another traffic jam – but roadworks are necessary so traffic can always flow. The required quality is provided by the Leonhard Weiss construction company: 60,500 m² over a length of 5.6 km per lane are covered with asphalt and with a strict pressure deadline. The challenge: continuous paving of consistently hot asphalt must be ensured. This is why Leonhard Weiss uses MEILLER tipping semitrailers with heat insulation. This increases the paving quality.

Heat insulation roadworks

Driver Jörg Volkmann turns, folds up the underride guard and manoeuvres backwards precisely to the paver pressure rollers. He applies the paver brake and is now part of the asphalt factory that slowly and continuously rolls forward. Stopping is not allowed as this would cause unwanted faults in the asphalt surface. And one by one the heavy-duty dumpers are driven up to the next to apply 25,000 tons of asphalt uniformly to each lane.

As a Leonhard Weiss employee, Volkmann drives one of the 10 new tipping semitrailers with heat insulation delivered by MEILLER, the traditional manufacturer based in Munich. This investment easily allows the construction company to satisfy the legal requirements. A high and even mixed material temperature is important for lasting road construction, as this is the only way the quality of the surface structure is ensured.

Not only the price was important for Helmut Bissinger, head of road vehicle technology, when the tippers were bought, "we look at the quality, superstructure, axles and tarpaulin systems." He values the long service life of MEILLER products as they have to remain in use for 8 to 10 years.

Robust work results thanks to MEILLER product quality

Driver Jörg Volkmann waits for the sign then slowly starts the tipping operation. The hot asphalt mixed material with a temperature of 180°C slides steaming into the paver hopper. "The mixed material remains absolutely hot in the MEILLER thermally insulated semitrailer," he reported. "I was once stuck in a traffic jam for 10 hours and the material was still good." This was ensured by the 80-mm thick insulation material in combination with a double-shell MEILLER stainless steel lining. "It is well made and looks good", according to Jörg Volkmann.

For Helmut Bissinger the quality and heat resistance – including the tarpaulin – is important. MEILLER is one of the very first manufacturers to guarantee compliance with legal regulations by the certificate issued according to VDI Guideline 2055. Leonhard Weiss thus assures the deadlines and quality: with the best technology on the building site. Lean decision making and high adherence to deadlines is very important for the construction company..

Electric sliding tarpaulin: fast and convenient

During a short stop at a parking area Jörg Volkmann cleans asphalt residues from the tailgate and flaps. He does this by opening the electric sliding tarpaulin at the press of a button to get a better view in the tipper. He doesn't lose any time: underride guard folded down, sliding tarpaulin closed so that the tipper body keeps warm – and then he's off.

Leonhard Weiss always equips his vehicles with an electric sliding tarpaulin. "Accident prevention is important for us, my drivers don't have to climb up anywhere", confirmed Helmut Bissinger. "This saves us time and is therefore extremely cost-effective. Additionally, the tarpaulin is simple to operate and fits neatly." The driver also has a camera fitted to the front wall with which he can check the load under the tarpaulin.

Attractive conditions

Driver Jörg Volkmann heads off to the mixing unit, a new load is waiting. With weight-controlled dosing the unit fills exactly 26 tons of stone mastic asphalt into the MEILLER tipper body – again without having to get out thanks to the electric sliding tarpaulin. He drives back to the roadworks in a good mood.

"I don't have any stress", said Volkmann laughing. At Leonhard Weiss the working conditions are good. Well trained and highly motivated employees are a precious asset for the family-owned company. Equipping them with state-of-the-art technology forms part of this. MEILLER products make work attractive for the drivers.

And should something not be right occasionally, then one of the many MEILLER bases is not far away. "The MEILLER Service is good. They come when we phone. Also in twos if necessary."

MEILLER ensures cost-efficiency

In winter Jörg Volkmann drives differently: ballast, rocks or boulders – with the same MEILLER thermally insulated tipper trailer. Because the tipper body made of abrasion-resistant Hardox® steel is universally usable. "We can even drive with liquid loads, the tailgates are absolutely leak-proof", confirmed Helmut Bissinger. For Leonhard Weiss everything is right with the 10 new MEILLER tipping semitrailers: economic operation, high availability and "pleasure with construction work".

Leonhard Weiss drives MEILLER tippers

The Leonhard Weiss GmbH & Co. KG family-owned company based in Göppingen and Satteldorf provides solutions from one source in track construction, road and network construction, as well as engineering and turnkey construction. The construction company places value on well trained employees and the best technology. MEILLER products play an important role here: 90% of the products used for tipping semitrailers, rear tippers and three-way tippers are MEILLER products. The company values the direct business offered by MEILLER based on the strategic collaboration with truck manufacturers.