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Job report: Kohl Recycling

The lightest and fastest hooklift on the market: 10 MEILLER RL18 hooklifts for Kohl Recycling.

"A low tare weight for the truck chassis as well as for the hooklift superstructure was the crucial factor in the investment decision, because every additional kilogramme of payload means greater success for our company", explained Stefan Kohl, Managing Director and owner of the Kohl Group.


Kohl Logistic and MEILLER
Kohl Logistic accepts 10 new RL18 hooklifts from MEILLER.

The RL18 hooklift can lift 18 tons and is designed optimised for volume and payload. At the last IAA the new superstructure for container systems had its world premiere after a good two years development work. All components of the newly designed steel construction were analysed in detail and optimised to keep the tare weight as low as possible. The hooklift frame has a closed profile and has also been kept extremely flat with an installation height of only 190 mm. This results in a low centre of gravity for a loaded container, and within the maximum permissible transport height it allows use of higher special containers and gives greater room to manoeuvre for low height clearances. 

"The RL18 is actually not only the lightest, thanks to the newly developed control unit it is also the fastest hooklift on the market. In conjunction with a load sensing distribution block and a variable displacement pump, this hooklift additionally saves fuel in daily operation compared to hooklifts with a continuously running pump. Combined with the hydraulic soft stop and container lock and electronic sequence control package, this gives our drivers a safe working tool in their day-to-day operations", explained Thomas Bräuer, Forwarding Manager at Kohl Logistic.

"Against the background of steady company growth, over the last decades the Kohl Group has repeatedly invested in new Meiller skip handlers and hooklifts or replaced old vehicles", explained Andreas Otto, area manager at Meiller. Andreas Otto has been working for Meiller in the North West Region for over 20 years and has known Kohl Recycling over this time. This creates a solid basis for trusting and uncomplicated cooperation which is highly valued by the owner and Managing Director Stefan Kohl. "When something is required very quickly, it is possible to configure a new vehicle over the phone and order it by e-mail."

Kohl Logistic hooklift
The new MEILLER RL18 hooklift – no other on the market is lighter and works faster.

New RL18 hooklift extensively tested before the sales launch

The RL18, just like its big brother the RS21, was extensively tested in the Meiller testing centre before its market launch. Close-to-production prototypes completed several thousand operating cycles under full load, and in only a few months they therefore simulated a hooklift life of normally a decade. Users therefore accept well-engineered equipment.

Kohl chose the control unit installed next to the driver's seat as optional equipment. An efficiency package is available as an option for the RL18; it provides quick movement, speed movement, sequence control and limit stop damping systems to make work operations extremely rapid and safe. The original MEILLER hydraulic systems ensure the fastest and reliable operating cycles. "The new vehicles are mostly driven with a trailer in regional long-distance tours", explained Forwarding Manager Thomas Bräuer.


Kohl Logistic vehicle fleet

The Kohl Group – successfully active on the market for 65 years

As an owner-managed, medium-sized group of companies, the Kohl Group operates in the business fields of the scrap and scrap metal wholesale trade, waste trade, firewood trade as well as in the logistics sector. In a company history of over 65 years its performance spectrum has continuously expanded through three generations. A small family business has developed into a growing group of companies with around 100 employees working throughout Germany and the rest of Europe. Its main fields of business include the scrap and scrap metal wholesale trade, waste trade with holistic waste management including material preparation and recycling, skip hire as well as logistics services right up to trade in wood chips and pellets as well as heat contracting. The client spectrum ranges from private households over commercial companies right up to steelworks. "We collect the materials mainly regionally, while our marketing is cross-regional. The location of our company premises directly next to the Mittelland Canal with its handling capacities gives us an enormous logistics advantage. However, we use our own vehicle fleet for the majority of our business", reported Stefan Kohl.