Record orders at MEILLER


Following strong growth in 2017 and a positive start in the first 6 months of 2018, the tipper manufacturer MEILLER views developments in the current fiscal year with an air of complete confidence.

MEILLER hydraulik system

Record levels of orders were placed across the entire product range in the first half of 2018, with newly developed, innovative skip handlers and hooklifts contributing greatly to this success. Major research and development efforts have created tailored new solutions which enhance flexibility and efficiency in the waste management sector. “As a result, MEILLER was able to expand its leading market position impressively in the area of container handling equipment in Germany”, says CEO Dr. Daniel Böhmer.

MEILLER is adhering to its corporate strategy and investing heavily to strengthen its locations in Europe. A new plant is planned at the Öd location in Austria and will be completed in 2020. In addition, its core of qualified personnel has been considerably expanded as a consequence of this heartening level of corporate growth.

Rising costs associated with raw materials, energy and purchased parts and above-average increases in tariffs this year forced MEILLER to raise its prices. The average price increase across all product groups is 3.8 per cent. Price adjustments were even higher in the case of some product variants and markets. However, the extreme durability and high resale value of superior-quality MEILLER products offset these price adjustments to the benefit of customers.