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Partner portrait: MEILLER and Hüffermann

A one-stop shop for truck and trailer

MEILLER and Hüffermann have a lot in common. Both companies consider themselves market leaders in the transport of skips and roll-off containers. Both provide particularly high-quality and resilient system solutions. The difference: MEILLER focuses mainly on the front and Hüffermann on the back. Consistently, the truck bodies specialists and the trailer experts are combining their products and services in a fruitful cooperation. 

Stefan Schwander and Jens Wiedemann
Setting the scene for close cooperation: Hüffermann CEO Stephan von Schwander (left) and Jens Wiedemann (right), MEILLER regional sales manager.

An exclusive partnership

CEO Stephan von Schwander says: "Really, Hüffermann and Meiller have the same core competencies, just that our focus at Hüffermann lies on trailer transport systems. We have known and respected each other for a number of years." The perfect premise for close cooperation:
A cooperation agreement was drafted only a few weeks after the first meeting. A customer survey, conducted by MEILLER, had shown that the majority of customers like to combine MEILLER and Hüffermann products themselves. The two companies therefore agreed to closely coordinate their operations in terms of sales and distribution. Hüffermann also offers and implements MEILLER solutions for their customers.

MEILLER appreciates the capabilities and high-quality standards of their new partner: Hüffermann has been producing trailers consistently for 105 years. During the 1970s, the company specialised in container transport with container handling systems. Recently, the manufacturer has received particular accolades for innovations such as their chainless load securing system Multi-Fix. As a leading systems supplier, Hüffermann has been consistently investing in development, a highly skilled team and innovative production methods.

MEILLER hooklift
Expanded manufacturing competencies thanks to the integration of MEILLER superstructures.

Coherent integration of MEILLER superstructures

At the Neustadt/Dosse production location, trailers are manufactured and utility vehicle superstructures are assembled with a high vertical product range. "A steel sheet turns into the chassis for a trailer, every seam is welded, every bend made and every hole drilled at the works. This way we are in control of quality and are also able to individually customise products," von Schwander explains. That is a good starting point, from which to integrate the assembly of MEILLER transport systems at the Hüffermann works. This results in a completely new offer: Customers are now able to obtain the entire vehicle combination from one source - everything perfectly coordinated.

Thanks to the integration of MEILLER superstructures, in case of a pre-approval, for example, the customer's wishes can be taken into account for the entire system. Coordination problems, which can crop up in projects dealing with several manufacturers, are therefore a thing of the past. Customers also benefit from the simplification of sales processes and the legal situation becomes clearer for all stakeholders.

Hüffermann trailer
Sales of the high-quality Hüffermann transport systems have benefited from a well-coordinated partnership in sales and distribution

Aiming for joint success

Many customers have already experienced the benefits of this new cooperation. Jens Wiedemann, MEILLER's regional sales manager, reports: "Over the past 12 months, we have realised almost 40 joint projects." Hüffermann also benefits from access to MEILLER customers and has sold a number of extra trailers. All this is a result of the two companies’ close cooperation in sales and distribution. When customers order MEILLER products or an entire vehicle combination from Hüffermann, the two companies' sales teams coordinate everything behind the scenes. Joint customer appointments form the basis for optimum coordination in terms of technology and products offered. "Customers appreciate our combined competencies as a clear feature differentiating us from the competition," von Schwander says.

Heading down the right route

In spite of their differences in terms of size and range, the two German companies located in Munich and Neustadt are team players, on an equal footing in terms of technology and expectations. It is all about working together where joint competencies open up new opportunities. Hence, both companies remain inspired to continue developing innovative solutions as independent companies for even more economic, safe and flexible container transport. The outlook is great: Customers from the first few joint projects have already enquired about follow-up orders.