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Load securing with MEILLER

With the MEILLER load securing concepts you are always on the safe side. Explore all of our options for lashing, covering and securing.

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Lashing eyelets

Securing the load is simple and safe - thanks to our versatile lashing possibilities. Profit from the revised lashing concept based on DIN EN 12640. The bridge floor remains flat due to the retractable lashing eyelets preventing bulk material getting stuck. Your load is lashed especially securely and sturdily with the anchoring possibilities:

Position Variant Max. traction
Floor Retractable lashing eyelets 2 t
Corners Pluggable heavy load lashing eyelets 8 t
Front wall Swivelling lashing eyelets 1 t
Under the tipper body Additional railing for the outer lashings 1 t

Suitable for the following products:

Tarpaulin systems

Sliding tarpaulins

The sliding tarpaulin is our extremely efficient tarpaulin system. Chose your matching solution: with manual or electrical drive, with or without tarpaulin protective roof. 

Automatic arrester hooks fix the tarpaulin during the journey. The automatic folding brace fully closes the area on the tailgate. Improper operation is thus ruled out when opening the tailgate, this is ensured by the electrical safety circuit.

Securing of the load at the press of a button

In the electrical version, control your tarpaulin system very conveniently with a remote control or the MEILLER i.s.a.r. control radio control unit. Operation is even easier with the preprogrammed sequences of the sequence controller, because retracting and extending the tarpaulin is integrated in the program sequence.

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Side roll-up tarpaulins

The MEILLER roll-up tarpaulin is extremely robust: From the sturdy side fixing of the crank up to the tarpaulin reinforcement on the inside to protect again falling bulk material. The cab protection is also maintained with the tarpaulin system. The flush-mounted crank means the maximum permitted outer width is adhered to as per the EU directive.

When rolling and unrolling, the tarpaulin runs over the track which makes operation easier. For loading, simply fold the track to the rear so it is not damaged. The side roll-up tarpaulin is designed for a long life: It is also possible to retension the tarpaulins individually via eccentric bearings.

Learn more about roll-up tarpaulins

Tarpaulin system for skip handlers

Our tarpaulin system is the perfect solution for a safe and efficient operation. It allows you to secure your load in the skip in accordance with the legal regulations as well as in a simple and practice-oriented way.

Your benefits:

  • Safe and convenient: no potential danger for the driver when securing the load
  • Secure transport due to covered load
  • High working speed
  • Simple operation
  • Automatically working system
Skip handler tarpaulin system

Suitable for the following products:

Container lock

MEILLER always provides you with the matching container lock: the modular concept makes different combinations possible. All MEILLER load securing modules are certified and can be operated with the radio control unit. With MEILLER skip handlers you can count on a reliable and appropriate container lock.

Choose from the different load securing modules:

  • Standard: Skid limit stops manually adjustable.
  • BKE (skip clamping mechanism): Hydraulically operating skid limit stops that secure sides of skips against slipping.
  • CV (container locking mechanism): Hydraulically operating hooks that actively engage in the skip pivot bearings and effectively secures the skip to the front and rear.

The combination of the single modules gives ultimate safety: that is perfect load securing at the press of a button

Suitable for the following products:

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