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Series launch for the new MEILLER rear tippers

Optimised payload, universal or extremely robust – the customer has the choice. New tipper body shape: Low overall height for improved driving characteristics, less loading damage due to lower falling height. Attention to detail matters: Reinforced tipper body skirt, tipping shaft with height adjustment, access ladder conforming to accident prevention regulations (UVV).


MEILLER is revising its product portfolio and, in the wake of the three-way tippers and semi-trailers, the rear tipper range is now being given a makeover. The manufacturer is expanding its range with the addition of the new rear tipper generation. New light, medium and heavy versions offer a greater variety and go a long way towards addressing individual customer requirements. These are supplemented by the basic models which MEILLER retains for price-sensitive markets. Sales launch for the new 4-axle rear tipper range is January 2016, while the 3-axle rear tippers which have also been overhauled will be available as of 1st April 2016. A variety of tipper concepts are evident on the European construction vehicle market. However, one vehicle has clearly overtaken the rest: the rear tipper. With a choice of three, four or more axles and a rear tipper body, this heavy truck is becoming increasingly popular on many markets. The concept behind this vehicle focuses on rapid bulk material handling with major volumes and a high payload where the need is greatest. It is used for comparatively rough operations, with practically every use involving demolition, excavation or major earth movements. The new generation of MEILLER halfpipe tipper bodies bears the type designation PXXX, with the first figure indicating the number of axles and the subsequent digits the rated load potential. The light version is the P430 and can cope with up to 30 tonnes, while the universal rear tipper, the P436, is capable of accommodating 36 tonnes. The new heavy models have enormous capacities. The top MEILLER model, the P560, can carry up to 60 tonnes when not used on public roads and is also available for a 5-axle chassis configuration.  

Optimised or universal payload

Payload is the maxim in the world of transport when it comes to conserving energy and resources - and this also applies today to tippers. The first means of achieving this is to save weight. Moving less tare weight saves valuable fuel and makes it possible to transport greater bulk material loads on the road. This is reflected in the new light variants of the latest MEILLER rear tipper generation with optimised payloads which are 300 kg lighter than their predecessors. The consequences are striking: load for load, the new MEILLER tippers can transport an over 1.5 per cent greater payload. The universal tippers (P436) still manage to save 150 kg when compared to comparable previous models. But a reduction in unladen weight in no way diminishes other typical MEILLER virtues. The customer can continue to count on the reliability and resistance to wear of sturdy MEILLER tippers. The low design of these tippers is conspicuous, beginning with a slimmer subframe which reduces the height of the superstructure by 25 mm. The weight of the subframe on the light tipper is optimised, while the design of the universal P436 base structure has been reinforced. The vehicle offers considerable overload reserves and has successfully passed rigorous poor road condition testing. The new rear stabiliser with its trapezoidal cross section offers the tipper 30 per cent greater torsion resistance and, to enhance tipping stability, the tipper body guide has been moved towards the centreline of the vehicle, enabling it to actively guide the tipper body longer during tipping. The new tipper body shape is one of the most significant innovations. The cross section of the newly developed halfpipe load carrier is more bulbous and around 100 mm lower than the previous model. Reduced thickness does not undermine the stability of the side walls, as they are now practically vertical. As previously, the basic design of the new MEILLER tipper bodies consists of three components. Both side walls and the now wider floor plate are welded in an overlapping configuration to provide greater stability. This enables an overall reduction in height of 125 mm, with the vehicle centre of gravity and loading height being lowered considerably. This also reduces the falling height of bulk material and, consequently, impact damage to the tipper body.  

Attention to detail matters

Every single bolt on the new MEILLER rear tippers has been revised. The lower end skirt of the tipper body has been reinforced, and the wearing bushes on the screw-mounted pivot bearings can now be replaced. Variable height adjustment of the pivot bearings optimises load introduction in the vehicle frame and increases stability by reducing the tare weight. After all, attention to detail makes all the difference. The new top-hinged tailgates are now of a lighter diaphragm design with new locks. Despite a lower tare weight, they have more winning qualities. The quality of the steel used ensures low wear, while the edged diaphragm plate can vibrate and is insensitive to cracking. With fewer wear components, the new tailgate locks are opened and closed with robust locking levers. They open at a tipping angle of only 3 degrees, thus significantly contributing to tipping stability and safety. The new hydraulic tailgate needs no locks. Although representing additional weight, it can be actively opened by the driver to a width that suits the task in advance of tipping, an advantage where coarse rubble and road finishing work are involved. The tailgate arms have been strengthened and are fitted below a guard to protect them against wear. The switchable claw lock solution offers even greater flexibility, as heavy demolition work with a widely opened hydraulic tailgate for large stones and rubble can be followed by gravel transportation with a simple hinged tailgate. A variety of cab protector systems and tarpaulin carriers can be attached or retrofitted to the front panel. The new front panel is designed to support a variety of attachments, and MEILLER provides a modular system for screw mounting to meet customer requirements. Examples are straight or slanted protective roofs, where a recess is no longer required in the cab protector in the case of a vertical exhaust. The newly designed optional access ladder is also deserving of closer attention. The space-saving ladder concept with an ergonomic quick-release lock is easy to operate and doesn't rattle on poor roads. Most importantly, the new MEILLER ladder rigorously conforms to the accident prevention regulations of statutory accident insurance (UVV). The driver and company enjoy lasting security as a result.  

Heavy duty tipper versus dumper

MEILLER has reanimated the "tipper versus dumper" debate with the new tippers (P560) in the heavy duty segment. The new rear tipper superstructure improves performance of the heavy duty tipper trucks even further, and the new subframe and more roomy tipper body shape lower the centre of gravity of the vehicle, enhancing stability in a targeted manner. With a real volume of 30 cubic metres, the MEILLER tippers offer the same circulating capacities as dumper concepts and, depending on the routes involved, the trucks really demonstrate their advantages, as their turnaround speed is higher. They can use roads when empty or partially loaded, and a change of location can be realised without any heavy or special transport measures. Last but not least, the tippers are the clear winners when it comes to acquisition costs. A precise cost/performance comparison pays off in every case.  

Safer and quicker with i.s.a.r. remote control unit

The MEILLER remote control system really shows its value when it comes to load securing in compliance with the Highway Code (StvO in Germany). It replaces the traditional valve control next to the driver's seat, integrating all secondary tipping functions in the yellow MEILLER remote control unit. For example, the electric roll-up tarpaulin can be opened and closed during arrival and departure - safely, simply and without any waste of time. All tipping functions are realised at the press of a button, and the i.s.a.r. control unit even prevents operating errors and monitors the procedure. This means that a tipper driver can also be prevented from unintentionally driving in traffic with the tipper body raised. New optional servo controls reduce operating procedures, enhance user friendliness, save time and practically rule out operating errors. 

Steel construction, hydraulics and electronics from a one-stop provider

A family business established in 1850, F. X. MEILLER GmbH & Co KG stands for superior-quality products which offer customers major advantages. The Munich-based company supplies the construction and waste management sector with a broad range of tipping vehicles, hooklifts, skip handlers and innovative hydraulic systems. The customer receives the steel construction, hydraulic equipment and control electronics from a single provider. The unique compatibility of the components is indicative of the efficiency of MEILLER products and their durability. Premium products are manufactured in four facilities in Europe, utilising highly innovative production processes. Their quality bears a single name - made by MEILLER.        

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