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MEILLER at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016

"More efficiency" is MEILLER's mantra - more efficiency in all aspects. The company has repositioned itself, having thoroughly modernized the entire product line step by step. Now, MEILLER is more forward-looking and confident to face the competition. With a record range of exhibits for the IAA 2016, MEILLER underpins its leading role in tippers and change-over skip superstructures in Europe.

The Munich family business will present a total of 35 MEILLER products and transport solutions, which can be seen both at their own stand (Pavilion 33) and at all the top line truck manufacturers' stands. What distinguishes MEILLER is their close cooperation with the commercial vehicles sector: MEILLER superstructures are developed in conjunction with the vehicle industry and must stand up to the industry test standards. That is only one of the reasons why MEILLER products will withstand extreme strain.

Many businesses in the construction and waste management sector choose the market-leader MEILLER. They opt for the original, the traditional brand which stands for reliability and everyday suitability. No other manufacturer can look back at a level of experience as enormous as that of MEILLER, dating back to the invention of the tipper body at the beginning of the 20th century. The introduction of the hydraulic tipper ram in 1924/25 marked their crucial breakthrough. The further history of the over 160-year-old family business is marked by numerous innovations. Many of them established themselves as game-changing: the three-way tipper, the hooklift, bordmatic and various other technical solutions.

At Hanover, the attention will centre on the complete MEILLER product range, and there is a good reason for this: Step-by-step, the various series and products have been updated, from the three-way tipper to the heavy hooklift, which will now enter serial production in various versions. At the IAA, MEILLER will also exhibit tipper bodies for international markets and speciality tippers, such as the Bibenne two-way tipper for the French-speaking market and the classic rear tipper for rough terrain in the price-sensitive markets.

All MEILLER exhibits have one thing in common: They have undergone technical measures with increased efficiency in mind. Lighter tipper bodies, lower superstructures, stronger hydraulics and increased operational reliability raise the payload and improve turnaround speed. The modular systems facilitate easier assembly and quicker supply to the customers.

It is also worth noting that MEILLER quality is not restricted to heavy duty vehicles: At the Hanover fair, MEILLER will also exhibit current skip handlers and tipper bodies for medium weight truck chassis and payload-optimised three-way tippers for light commercial vehicles.