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Customer portraits and references

Together we get things moving!

As a company with a long tradition we benefit from a deep cooperation with our customers. That's why we know about their needs which makes us able to offer them custom-made products.

Stefan Murner interview

The owners of Glas GmbH, a company in Hilgertshausen-Tandern, committed themselves to field testing of the high level of practicality of the new three-way tipper from MEILLER.

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Bärnreuther & Deuerlein quarry

Bärnreuther & Deuerlein Schotterwerke supply road construction, building construction, civil engineering and both asphalt and concrete mixing plants with their own fleet of 90 trucks. MEILLER tipping semi-trailers are also used in the ballast plant.

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MEILLER Absetz- und Abrollkipper bei Siedenburg

Siedenburg, a company steeped in tradition, delivers building materials, disposes of waste and undertakes civil engineering works in the Bremen area. These operations are ably supported by 70 trucks that are primarily fitted with equipment from MEILLER.

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Abrollkipper und Behältertransportanhänger von MEILLER

With around 100 trucks, the Lohmann Group in Emsdetten successfully takes on recycling and disposal services in the north-west of the republic, relying exclusively on MEILLER technology to do the job.

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Kippsattel im Einsatz bei Kurylyszyn Bau

In 17 years, the construction company Kurylyszyn has developed from a one-man business into a group of companies. It relies on MEILLER for its vehicle fleet.

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Stefan Rebmann im Interview

Is the MEILLER two-way tipper with thermal insulation really an all-rounder, or are its strengths only evident when transporting asphalt? Clear answers are provided in practical assignments .

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Otto und Lukas Trettin

The mainstays of the business of Trettin are transportation, building materials and disposal. Trettin can rely on a multifunctional fleet in this context to deliver their versatile, customer-specific services.

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At the Hofheim am Taunus fire brigade, in an emergency every move has to be perfect and everyone has to rely on each other. The team now also includes a new RS21 hooklift.

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Tambo with MEILLER Rear tipper

MEILLER tippers take the strain on and under South American roads.

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