Eco-Kupplung (Eco-Clutch)

MEILLER Eco-Kupplung®

Operating efficiency for engine-driven PTO

The MEILLER Eco-Kupplung® (eco clutch) is the energy saving alternative to engine-driven fixed and variable displacement pumps. The eco clutch allows you to activate and deactivate the hydraulic system when needed. This considerably reduces energy consumption.

The eco clutch also allows the hydraulic system to be activated while travelling, facilitating manoeuvring and moving off. This ensures smooth working operation that saves time. The eco clutch is ideal for tippers, skip handlers and hooklifts*.

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Your benefits:

  • Maximum availability of hydraulic system, even when the vehicle is moving
  • No additional energy consumption when the hydraulic system is deactivated
  • Reduced CO₂ emissions and mileage
  • For skip handler: Exact synchronisation of telescopic arms

This is how it works

Operating efficiency for engine-driven PTO

Faciliating flexible activation, the MEILLER Eco-Kupplung ® is located between the engine-driven PTO and the hydraulic pump.

  1. The operator activates the hydraulic system using the PTO switch and the pneumatics activate the partial-load switchable clutch.
  2. The clutch accelerates the pump and connects it to the engine output shaft.
  3. The hydraulic functions are available where the clutch is fully engaged.
  4. Following use, the driver deactivates the system again using the PTO switch in the cab.

Video: MEILLER Eco-Kupplung®

Functional sequence

Eco-Kupplung (eco clutch) components

Sample calculation

Saving realised with the MEILLER Eco-Kupplung® when compared to the following

  Vehicles with fixed displacement pump Vehicles with LS system
  3.5 l/100 km 1.5 l/100 km
  1,750 l/year 750 l/year
  2,275 Euro/year 975 Euro/year
  4,637 kg CO₂/year 1,987 kg CO₂/year

for 50,000 km/year, diesel price € 1.30/liter
The actual saving varies, depending on the engine, vehicle equipment, mileage, diesel price and operating mode.


Brochures and other information material

* Only available as initial equipment and only in combination with MEILLER axial piston pumps. Previous check for installation restrictions required.

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