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Change-over systems

Flexibility and capacity for your truck

Change-over systems from MEILLER enable you to easily, quickly and safely change the widest range of superstructures, such as tippers, concrete mixers, asphalt tippers, skip handlers, hooklifts, fifth-wheel subframes.

Change intervals of only a few minutes increase your vehicle flexibility and efficiency and reduce standing times.

Intuitive handling ensures easy operation – a control lamp in the cabin provides safety when changing superstructures.

The superstructure height is not changed due to the lowered construction without intermediate frame. The low tare weight therefore increases the payload of your vehicle.

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Your benefits:

  • Flexibility and better capacity for your vehicles
  • Reduced tare weight for more load volume
  • Easy operation by only one person
  • Change of superstructures in only a few minutes
  • Available as variants operated hydraulically or mechanically

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MEILLER change-over systems are always ideal when flexibility is in demand. Whether on the construction site or for changing summer and winter superstructures on municipal vehicles.

Our change-over systems are ideal for the following superstructure variants for example:

  • Three-way tippers, rear tippers, asphalt tippers
  • Concrete mixers
  • Subframe for semi-trailer operation
  • Skip handlers
  • Hooklifts
  • Winter service superstructures, salt/salt water containers
  • Tipper with cranes
  • Water tanks
  • Plateau superstructures

The superstructures can be either mechanically or hydraulically changed.

Mechanical change-over system

Simple and cost-effective, e.g. for seasonal change intervals.

Hydraulic change-over system

A fast method for interchanging superstructures, spreaders and cranes in a very short time and convenient for the driver.


Operation by only one person enables the driver to readjust his superstructure to his tasks in a short time.


Change-over system locking bars
Two locking bars unlock the tipper ram and arrestor cable holder from the subframe and connect them to the platform.
The pneumatic and hydraulic systems are disconnected from the vehicle by couplings that are fitted easily accessible on the left side of the vehicle
The pneumatic and hydraulic systems are disconnected from the vehicle by couplings that are fitted easily accessible on the left side of the vehicle.
Body change-over system
The tipper ram — mechanical or hydraulic — is removed with the tipper body by telescopic supports.

Tipper ram and body change-over system

With this system the tipper body including the tipper ram are removed. The subframe remains on the chassis.

The complete subframe is loosened from the chassis with hinged bolts, fitted at the side of the chassis, and removed with the tipper.
Hinged bolt change-over system
The hinged bolts are also available as an option in corrosion-free VS2 quality.
Tipper ram and body change-over system
The superstructures are removed with telescopic stabilising legs by winches or by air suspension.

Hinged bolt change-over system

This system is cost-effective and is operated mechanically. The complete subframe with tipper or crane is removed with it.


MEILLER change-over systems in action

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