The fully isolated MEILLER asphalt tipper body

MEILLER asphalt tipper

The professional for mixed material transportation

The MEILLER asphalt tipper combines years of experience in mixed material transportation along with new challenges. It is made for asphalting large areas and repair work in all terrain variant and weathers, and satisfies all legal standards and regulations.


Thermal bridges are prevented by the comprehensive full insulation so that the mixed material does not cool down.

MEILLER asphalt tippers are available for 3-axle and 4-axle chassis.

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Your benefits:

  • Metered output of mixed material
  • Ideal for repair works
  • Minimum processing period of 8 hours
  • High-speed filling in the mixed material unit
  • Compatible with the MEILLER change-over system

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Comprehensive full insulation for constant temperatures

The pear-shaped tipper body provides room for comprehensive full insulation and reduces the tare weight of the asphalt tipper.

Thermal bridges are prevented by the full insulation – in addition two 80-mm thick, front angled insulation plates give protection from the airstream, and with the also 80 mm-thick, continuous base insulation they give double protection with even heavy loads.

The tipper body is perfectly covered by a specially developed tightening system. You can choose between galvanised, paintable plates or V2A stainless steel plates.

Asphalt tipper cover open
Tipper cover open
Asphalt tipper loading
Safe loading thanks to the tipper covers at the side.

Fully-insulated tipper cover

The two fully-insulated tipper covers can be opened and closed hydraulically, and they are fitted with a rubber seal system including a water deflector edge. The mixed material is therefore protected against wind, water and cooling down.

When they are open, both covers lie against the side of the tipper body and therefore allow easy and safe loading in the mixed material unit or also by an excavator.

Asphalt tipper enclosure profile slanting to the inside
Enclosure profile slanting to the inside
Loading asphalt tipper in the mixed material unit
Loading in the mixed material unit.

Optimal load

The inside of the tipper body is fully free of edges and protruding surfaces and allows a perfect flow of the mixed material to the fully-hydraulic outlet flap.

The top enclosure profile slants to the inside to that it is no longer possible for material to accumulate there. Additionally, baffle plates are fitted all around to ensure the mixed material is securely transported.

Asphalt tipper outlet flap
Asphalt tipper outlet flap

Well dosed thanks to the outlet flap

The hydraulic outlet flap and adjustable material cutting edge give maximum flexibility when filling the paver. Precision dosing allows adjustment of the quantity of mixed material to each use. Application of small amounts is therefore not a problem.


Asphalt tipper operation with i.s.a.r.-control
Operation with the i.s.a.r.-control

User-friendly operation

All tipper body functions can be controlled with sensitivity - loaded and unloaded - from the cabin as well as from the rear of the vehicle. In order to save fuel and therefore money, all functions such as tipping or control of the outlet chute and cover can be carried out with an electric power pack independently of the engine.

i.s.a.r. control
It's even easier to operate your asphalt tipper with the optionally available mobile radio control unit. The MEILLER i.s.a.r-control is independent of location, and enables operation of all functions such as tipping, control of the cover and outlet chute, start/stop, speed control, working lights and automatic rapid lowering

More information on the i.s.a.r.-control

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