MEILLER tipping semi-trailer

Tipping semi-trailers

The trailer for heavy duty use

MEILLER tipping semi-trailers are outstanding due to their excellent driving and tipping characteristics. The tipping semi-trailer drives safely on the road thanks to a low overall centre of gravity and a stiff and torsion-resistant rigid frame structure.

Our running gears are dynamically balanced and low maintenance. Special axles for construction site use round off the programme.

MEILLER steel or aluminium tipper bodies also impress in practical use: Their high tipping speed is further accelerated by a switchable quick lowering mechanism.

Filling the tipping semi-trailer is made easy by its low loading edge, and tipping is also child's play due to a low dumping edge. A shortened overhang makes the tipping semi-trailer suitable for finishers.

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Your benefits:

  • Best driving characteristics through low centre of gravity and innovative running gear
  • Payload-optimised through low tare weight
  • High working speeds through high-performance hydraulics
  • Long service life through low-wear MEILLER tipper bodies
  • Available in an angular or round tipper body shape


The suitable tipping semi-trailer for every requirement

Tipping semi-trailer 44 steel halfpipe

MPHS Series (Halfpipe/Steel tipper body)

  • Are robust and payload-optimised.
  • Are particularly suitable for short routes and frequent tipping.
  • Are designed for abrasive bulk material such as gravel, rocks, concrete rubble and aggregates.
Tipping semi-trailer MHKA with angular body shape

MHKA Series (Box/Aluminium tipper body)

  • Are very light.
  • Are ideal for operations with a few tippings per day and a high road portion.
  • Are designed for less abrasive bulk material such as sand, gravel and grit.
  • Provide chemical resistance against most aggressive bulk material properties.

Technical data

Compare our tipping semi-trailers based on their data

  • MHPS: Halfpipe/Steel tipper body
  • MHKA: Box/Aluminium tipper body
Type: MHPS44.2-K MHPS44.2-N MHPS44.2-L MHPS44.3-N MHPS44.3-L
Axles: 2 axle 2 axle 2 axle 3 axle 3 axle
Nominal length (Version): 6.6 m (Short) 7.6 m (Normal) 8.6 m (Long) 7.6 m (Normal) 8.6 m (Long)
Nominal volume (outer tailgate*): 20 - 23 m³ 23 -27 m³ 26 - 32 m³ 23 - 28 m³ 26 - 32 m³
Nominal volume (inner tailgate*): 19 - 22 m³ 22 - 27 m³ 25 - 31 m³ 22 - 27 m³ 25 - 31 m³
Side wall height: 1,400 - 1,700 mm 1,400 - 1,700 mm 1,400 - 1,700 mm 1,400 - 1,700 mm 1,400 - 1,700 mm
Tailgate variants*: S1, S2, S4, S5 S1, S2, S4, S5 S1, S2, S4, S5 S1, S2, S4, S5, S6 S1, S2, S4, S5, S6
Type: MHKA44.2-N MHKA44.3-N MHKA44.3-L
Axles: 2 axle 3 axle 3 axle
Nominal length (Version): 7.6 m (Normal) 7.6 m (Normal) 8.6 m (Long)
Nominal volume (outer tailgate*): 25 - 35 m³ 25 - 35 m³ 28 - 40 m³
Nominal volume (inner tailgate*): 24 - 34 m³ 24 - 34 m³ 27 - 38 m³
Nominal volume (straight tailgate*): -- -- --
Side wall height: 1,400 - 2,000 mm 1,400 - 2,000 mm 1,400 - 2,000 mm
Tailgate variants*: S1, S2 S1, S2 S1, S2

*Further information on the tailgate variants.


Detailed information

Learn more about our tipping semi-trailers

Economic lightweight

Profit from new efficiency! Save time and money in every transport cycle! Transport more bulk materials as the tare weight of the new MEILLER tipping semi-trailer has been reduced by up to 320 kg. The low overall centre of gravity ensures good road holding. The vehicle is stable when tipping. A wheeled loader fills the tipper body easier over the lower loading edge. Tipping has been made more effortless by the lower dumping edge.

In addition to sand, gravel and excavated material, with the MEDIUM tipping semitrailer you easily also transport rocks and concrete rubble. Its tough chassis brings you safely to your destination even in difficult terrains.

No chance of wear

  • Optimised force transmission on the new chassis frame minimises crack formation.
  • Tailored blanks: reinforced tipper body floor in the rear third, as the abrasive wear is higher here.
  • Optional wear plates for a higher lifetime.

Best driving characteristics through an innovative running gear

The stiff and torsion-resistant MEILLER chassis frame in conjunction with axles, bearings, brakes, shock absorbers and air springs from renowned manufacturers ensure the best driving characteristics.

MEILLER tipping technology

Tip and lower safely and quickly: the powerful original MEILLER hydraulics ensure a high working speed. With the quick lowering mechanism you save up to 40% time when lowering.

and safe…
High overload reserves, high initial lifting force and the low overall centre of gravity make tipping safe. Long guides reduce the piston tendency to kink. The Tilt Alert tilt warning system monitors the tilt of the tipping semi-trailer and warns the driver early.

MEILLER hydraulics: Powerful. Durable. Efficient.

  • Dirt-resistant and wear-free through high-strength materials and nitrided surfaces.
  • Optimised control valves and pumps give best cycle times.
  • Sensitive movement control even under heavy loads through proportional technology.
  • Practically maintenance-free through optimally designed oil circuits.

Drive and brake safely
Manoeuvrable even in tight spaces: The manoeuvring aid improves curve handling especially in roundabouts and when turning. This also reduces tyre wear. Regardless of whether you opt for drum or disc brakes – you get full control with brake pad wear sensors and the tyre pressure monitoring system.

Drive off quickly with the starting aid
The starting aid gives more for ground contact for the drive axle. Engage the starting aid simply with a press of a button. You also have more traction and drive off quickly in rough terrain.

Lifting axle for economic transportation
Axle lifting systems reduce tyre wear and fuel consumption on empty runs. When the vehicle is loaded, the lifting axle automatically lowers and provides a greater axle load and better driving stability.

More comfort and operating safety
The pneumatic underride guard and the hydraulic rear wall can be conveniently operated from the driver's cab. The hydraulic rear wall leaves more space for unloading.

Tailgates for every use

Choose your ideal solution from the different tailgate variants:

You get ultimate flexibility from the S4 or S5 switchable tailgates with jaw or claw locking mechanisms.

Your open the S6 tailgate variant hydraulically – either conveniently from the driver's cab or in conjunction with the i.s.a.r.-control radio control unit.

Here you can find our complete tailgate options.

Tailgate opened swinging from the top

The swinging hinged tailgate is low wear and opens as early as a tipping angle of 3°.

Tailgate opened hydraulically

The hydraulic tailgate opens fully before tipping starts, remains open during tipping, and closes tight without a lock.

Features for practical use

Practical solutions, cleverly thought-out

New: Tailored blanks

Tailored Blanks für MEILLER Kippsattel
Tailored blanks: Wear-optimised, troughed floor for MEILLER tipper semi-trailers

The tipper body of a tipper semi-trailer is designed for the toughest requirements. Abrasive wear and tear is highest at the rear of the tipper body. Tailored blanks from MEILLER reinforce the tipper semi-trailer of the 44 type MHPS series in exactly this zone – with the same high payload.

Your benefits:

  • High payload: the combination of different floor thicknesses in the tipper body reduces the tare weight of the vehicle without any loss of use.
  • More economical driving due to increased lifetime.
  • Best workmanship with highly wear-resistant, fine-grained HBW450 steel in familiar MEILLER quality.

Tailored blanks are available in two variants:

  • Variant 4(5): Front area 4 mm, rear third 5 mm
  • Variant 5(6): Front area 5 mm, rear third 6 mm

Heat insulation for road construction

Heat insulation roadworks
Roadworks: Leonhard Weiss and MEILLER Kipper at work

Maintain constantly high temperatures. With our thermally insulated tipper bodies made of water repellent insulation material combined with double-shell stainless steel linings.

Your benefits:

  • Certified according to DIN 70001
  • Safe thermal insulation – without thermal bridges
  • Precision measuring system that constantly monitors the temperature

Control with SmartBoard®

MEILLER Smartboard

Control your MEILLER tipping semi-trailer with the side-mounted SmartBoard®. In addition to the display of many operating data, you operate the finisher brake, lifting axle and starting aid.

Convenient operation with the i.s.a.r.-control

i.s.a.r.-control for Tipping semi-trailers

With the MEILLER radio remote control you have everything under control: Tip from a safe distance and at a location that gives you the best visibility. With the preprogrammed sequence control processes operation is even easier.

More information on the i.s.a.r.-control

Driver assistance system

Driver asssistance system for tipping semi-trailer
The MEILLER assistance system: a practical support in daily operation

Control and monitor your tipping semitrailer with our driver assistance system. Whether in the cabin, at the SmartBoard® or from your mobile phone:

Receive warnings when the:

  • axle load is too high
  • tipper body tipping angle is too steep

Profit from rapid assistance by reading out an error log that you can also immediately send by e-mail

Optimise use of your vehicle fleet by analysing all relevant operating data.

Keep the overview of your vehicle:

  • Learn about the vehicle status
  • Display the total axle load and single axles in t
  • Display the tipper body tipping angle
  • Display tipping semitrailer information
  • Display fault messages

Very conveniently control many functions:

  • Lift and lower the lifting axle
  • Switch the starting aid on and off
  • Lift and lower the running gear with air suspension
  • Regulate the drive level
  • Adjust the brake pressure of the finisher brake

Tarpaulin systems

Tarpaulin systems for tipping semi-trailers

With the original MEILLER tarpaulin systems you cover your transport goods, protect the load and save fuel. Available as a side roll-up tarpaulin (see figure) or sliding tarpaulin. It's even easier electrically in conjunction with a remote control or the MEILLER i.s.a.r. control radio control unit.


Extend as you want — the ideal vehicle for everyone


MEILLER tipping semi-trailers in action

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