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MEILLER rear tippers combine a large transport volume with optimised external dimensions. You thus achieve a largest possible payload at a low tare weight.

Our steel tipper bodies are designed for the harshest applications. They are low wear and crack-resistant. The low centre of gravity ensures good road holding and excellent driving characteristics

High tipping and lowering speeds are ensured by the original MEILLER hydraulic system.

Our rear tipper has extremely good tipping stability thanks to a combination of stabiliser and new guiding pieces for tipper body as well as a reduced construction height. The large tipping angle of the rear tipper helps the bulk material to flow off.

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Your benefits:

  • Maximum transport volume through a low tare weight
  • Robust version with high overload reserves
  • High tipping and lowering speeds thanks to the innovative MEILLER hydraulic system
  • Reduced construction height for low centre of gravity
  • Maintenance-friendly and value preservation through high product quality
eTRUCK ready

Fit for the future

MEILLER’s tipper bodies are compatible with all electric trucks from European manufacturers, regardless of whether they are already equipped with a mechanical power take-off (PTO) necessary for the superstructure’s hydraulics or an electric power take-off (E-PTO).

The electric drive offers a clear advantage: hydraulic systems can be operated according to demand, ensuring that the pump or hydraulics only run when the tipper body is in motion hence preventing unnecessary energy consumption.


The ideal skip handler for every requirement

P series

The P series with half-round tipper body shape is payload-optimised through many innovative solutions. In the half-round shape the bulk material flows off optimally. Centring of the bulk material provides good driving characteristics.

  • Half-round tipper body for optimal flowing off of the bulk material
  • Nominal volume: 17 m³ to 28 m³
  • Nominal load: 30 t to 50 t
  • For chassis with 3, 4 or 5 axles

H series

The H series with an angular tipper body shape is designed for heavy duty use. Jet side walls give high stability and a long life cycle – even in rugged operating conditions.

  • Angular tipper body for rugged use
  • Nominal volume: 18 m³ to 28 m³
  • Nominal load: 30 t to 50 t
  • For chassis with 3 or 4 axles

Technical data

Compare our rear tippers based on their data

  • P series
  • H series
Type: P330 P336 P430 P436 P450 P530 P536
Axles: 3 axles 3 axles 4 axles 4 axles 4 axles 5 axles 5 axles
Nominal load: 30 t 36 t 30 t 36 t 50 t 30 t 36 t
Version*: Medium Heavy Light Medium Heavy Light Medium
Nominal volume: up to 15 m³ up to 21 m³ up to 17 m³ up to 20 m³ up to 28 m³ up to 17 m³ up to 20 m³
Suitable chassis: 26 - 33 t 33 - 40 t 32 - 41 t 41 t 41 - 50 t 32 - 41 t 41 t
Side wall height: 1,200 - 2,000 mm 1,600 - 2,000 mm 1,200 - 1,500 mm 1,200 - 2,000 mm 1,600 - 2,000 mm 1200 - 1,500 mm 1,200 - 2,000 mm
Tailgate variants**: G1, G4, G6 G10, G11 S2, S6 S1, S2, S4, S6 G10, G11 S6 S6
Type: H330 H336 H436 H450
Axles: 3 axles 3 axles 4 axles 4 axles
Nominal load: 30 t 36 t 36 t 50 t
Version*: Medium Heavy Medium Heavy
Nominal volume: up to 18 m³ up to 24 m³ up to 20 m³ up to 28 m³
Suitable chassis: 26 - 33 t 33 - 40 t 41 t 41 - 50 t
Side wall height: 1,200 - 2,000 mm 1,600 - 2,000 mm 1,200 - 1,500 mm 1,200 - 2,000 mm
Tailgate variants**: G1, G4, S3 S3 S1, S3, S4 S3

*Further information on the Light, Medium and Heavy versions.

**Further information on the tailgate variants.

Detailed information

Learn more about our rear tippers

Light, Medium or Heavy

We offer three version of our rear tippers.

Light (P series)
The Light tippers are weight-optimised due to a slim subframe and give high cost efficiency through an optimum payload ratio.


Medium (P and H series)
The Medium tippers with a reinforced subframe are the solid vehicles for universal use with rugged durability.


Heavy (P and H series)
The extremely rugged Heavy tippers with many reinforced components are designed for tough applications such as mining. Offroad you can load up to 28m³ and 50t heavy materials. The special tailgates withstand high pressures from loads. Reinforced container guide plates protect the vehicle units.

The MEILLER rear tipper for daily, rugged operation

Regardless of the model you choose. The MEILLER rear tipper is your reliable partner for demanding tasks.

Resilient and robust material
MEILLER protects you against risks, because our products are designed for a long service life. We use crack-resistant steels and give the largest possible stability exactly where it is needed.

Safe operation
MEILLER rear tippers guarantee safe operation thanks to many sophisticated solutions:

  • High lifting capacity reserves
  • Types of cab protection
  • Underride guard
  • Side underride guard
  • Side protection plates
  • Manual pump for emergency operation

MEILLER hydraulics: Powerful. Durable. Efficient.

  • Dirt-resistant and wear-free through high-strength materials and nitrided surfaces.
  • Optimised control valves and pumps give best cycle times.
  • Sensitive movement control even under heavy loads through proportional technology.
  • Practically maintenance-free through optimally designed oil circuits.





Video: MEILLER P436 Halfpipe rear tipper in action

Tipping stability in every position

A 30 % higher torsional strength is provided by the scissors-type stabilizer with optimised trapezoidal cross-section. Together with the newly designed tipper body guide this ensures considerably higher tipping stability.

Tailgates for every use

Choose your ideal solution from the different tailgate variants:

You get ultimate flexibility from the switchable S4 or G4 tailgate with grip locking mechanism.
Depending on the bulk material, open very conveniently at the press of a button hydraulically or let the tailgate open swinging from the top.

Here you can find our complete tailgate programme.

Tailgate opened swinging from the top

The swinging hinged tailgate is low wear and opens as early as a tipping angle of 3°.

Tailgate opened hydraulically

The hydraulic tailgate opens fully before tipping starts, remains open during tipping and closes tight without a lock.

Features for practical use

Practical solutions, cleverly thought-out

Heat insulation for road construction

Logo Thermal insulation

Maintain constantly high temperatures. With our thermally insulated tipper bodies made of water repellent insulation material combined with double-shell stainless steel linings.

Your benefits:

  • Certified according to DIN70001
  • Safe thermal insulation – without thermal bridges
  • Precision measuring system that constantly monitors the temperature

Simple and convenient operation with the i.s.a.r.-control

i.s.a.r.-control for rear tippers

Control your MEILLER rear tipper easily and safely. All operating functions are logical, easy to understand and simple to execute. Tip from a safe distance and at a location that gives you the best visibility. With the preprogrammed sequence control processes operation is even easier.

More information on the i.s.a.r.-control

Tarpaulin systems

Rear tipper side roll-up tarpaulin
MEILLER side roll-up tarpaulin

With the original MEILLER tarpaulin systems you cover your transport goods, protect the load and save fuel. Available as a side roll-up tarpaulin or sliding tarpaulin. It's even easier electrically in conjunction with a remote control or the MEILLER i.s.a.r. control radio control unit.

Further information on the MEILLER tarpaulin systems

MEILLER Eco-Kupplung®

Video: MEILLER Eco-Kupplung®

The MEILLER Eco-Kupplung® (eco clutch) is the energy saving alternative to engine-driven fixed and variable displacement pumps.The eco clutch allows you to activate and deactivate the hydraulic system when needed. This considerably reduces energy consumption.

Faciliating flexible activation, the MEILLER Eco-Kupplung ® is located between the engine-driven PTO and the hydraulic pump.

  1. The operator activates the hydraulic system using the PTO switch and the pneumatics activate the partial-load switchable clutch.
  2. The clutch accelerates the pump and connects it to the engine output shaft.
  3. The hydraulic functions are available where the clutch is fully engaged.
  4. Following use, the driver deactivates the system again using the PTO switch in the cab.

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MEILLER rear tippers in action


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