MEILLER three-way tipper

Three-way tippers

The all-rounder for varied tasks

MEILLER three-way tippers are sturdy with a long service life due to the use of high-strength materials and the latest production processes. The frame construction is extremely stable and well protected against corrosion.

The low construction height simplifies the tipping of bulk material. The low centre of gravity ensures good road holding properties. Your load is properly secured by means of the versatile lashing possibilities. This make our three-way tipper a real all-rounder for your tasks.

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Your benefits:

  • Payload-optimised superstructure for high transport loads
  • Robust version with high overload reserves
  • Extremely high buckling and wear resistance
  • Practical securing of the load due to versatile lashing possibilities
  • Maintenance-friendly and value preservation through high product quality


The ideal three-way tipper for every requirement

Type 1 to 6L

The "small ones" are ideal for use in municipalities, gardening and landscaping.

  • 2-axle chassis
  • Permissible total weight: 3.5 t to 13.5 t
  • For normal bulk materials such as sand, gravel, foliage and general cargo

Type 9

With the standard version of the larger type 9 you reach an internal width of 2.42 m – perfect for Euro pallets.

  • 2-axle chassis
  • Permissible total weight: 14 t to 19 t
  • For normal bulk materials (e.g. sand, gravel, excavated material) and pallet-ready general cargo

D316 to D428

The large three-way tipper is suitable for the wide variety of transport tasks in the construction industry.

  • 3- and 4-axle chassis
  • Permissible total weight from 26 t to 41 t
  • Normal and heavy bulk materials such as rocks and concrete rubble

Technical data

Compare our three-way tippers based on their data

Type 1 1.5 2 3 4 6L 9 D316 D321 D421 D428
Nominal load: 1.8 t 2.5 t 3.7 t 4.5 t 6.5 t 7.8 t 11.5 t 16 t 21 t 21 t 28 t
Axles: 2 axles 2 axles 2 axles 2 axles 2 axles 2 axles 2 axles 3 axles 3 axles 4 axles 4 axles
Suitable chassis: 3.5 t 4 - 5 t 5.1 - 6 t 7.49 - 8 t 9 - 10 t 11 - 13.5 t 14 - 19 t (22 t) 26 t 33 t 32 t 41 t
Platform length: 2.6 m - 4.0 m 2.6 m - 4.0 m 2.6 m - 4.0 m 3.2 m - 4.2 m 3.2 m - 4.2 m 3.2 m - 4.2 m 3.4 m - 4.8 m 4.6 m - 5.1 m 4.9 m - 5.1 m 5.4 m - 6.2 m 5.4 m - 6.2 m
Platform width: 2 m - 2.2 m 2 m - 2.2 m 2 m - 2.2 m 2 m - 2.35 m 2 m - 2.35 m 2 m - 2.35 m 2.35 m - 2.42 m 2.38 m / 2.42 m (with aluminium side wall) 2.38 m 2.38 m / 2.42 m (with aluminium side wall) 2.38 m
Side wall height: 0.35 m 0.35 m 0.35 m 0.4 m - 0.6 m 0.4 m - 0.6 m 0.4 m - 0.6 m 0.5 m - 0.8 m 0.8 m - 1.1 m 1 m - 1.2 m 0.9 m - 1.1 m 1 m - 1.2 m

Detailed information

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Our three-way tippers prove themselves daily in varied use. The family-run Klarwein company with a tradition of over 100 years also uses MEILLER three-way tippers and tipping semitrailers. Through the close collaboration between the two companies the first bordmatic emerged in 1973 – the automatic tipping device on the left side wall of a three-way tipper.

Three-way tipper types 1 to 6L

The MEILLER three-way tipper types 1 to 6L are especially well suited for transport tasks in municipalities, gardening and landscaping. You transport normal bulk materials such as sand, gravel, foliage and general cargo with it.


  • Acoustically damped side wall mounting
  • Top-hinged and drop type tailgate
  • Drop type side walls

Accessories for types 1 to 6L

Three-way tipper type 9

With the type 9 three-way tipper you transport normal bulk materials such as sand, gravel, excavated material. Euro pallets also have enough room with an internal width of 2.42 m.


  • M-Jet side walls: Very robust and sturdy due to the membrane effect design.
  • Wear-resistant floor, hardness approx. HB 400
  • Smooth inner surfaces so that the bulk material can flow better
  • Noise insulation on the locks

Comfort package:

You can use your three-way tipper even more flexibly with the comfort package.

  • Side walls HB 450 (2.5 mm)
  • Side walls top-hinged and drop type, with relief springs
  • Robust, bolted corner posts with low-positioned locks (self-adjusting)
  • Tailgate top-hinged and drop type, with automatic claw lock
  • Optional: Bordmatic for opening and closing the left side wall fully automatically 

Accessories for type 9

Three-way tippers D316 to D428

The three-way tippers for 3-axles and 4-axle chassis are also ideal for heavy-duty tasks. In addition to transportation of normal bulk materials, you can also move rocks and concrete rubble.


  • Flush tailgate: So the bulk material is fully tipped out and nothing remains stuck in the post
  • Optional: Aluminium side walls for more payload
  • Variety of options for the side wall design

Side wall functions for every use:

Choose your ideal solution from the different side wall variants.

Side wall:

  • Bordmatic: The left side wall opens and closes fully automatically with the Bordmatic – from the cabin or with the MEILLER i.s.a.r. control radio control unit.
  • Top-hinged
  • Top-hinged and drop type with relief springs


The side wall function for the tailgate is always "top-hinged". Use the unloading chute or dosing device for specific or defined tipping.

Accessories D316 to D428

Features for practical use

Practical solutions, cleverly thought-out

MEILLER hydraulics: Powerful. Durable. Efficient.

Three-way tipper hydraulic system
The MEILLER hydraulic system is specially designed to meet the requirements in the construction industry.

With high loading volume, strongly dimensioned subframe and high performance hydraulics, the MEILLER three-way tipper is best equipped for heavy duty use.

Advantages of original MEILLER hydraulics:

  • Our high pressure hydraulic system made of extremely high grade sturdy materials ensures minimum tare weight and best payload with optimum cylinder sizes.
  • High-strength materials, nitrided surfaces and metallic guides make the system wear-free and dirt-resistant.
  • MEILLER control valves and pumps give best cycle times and optimally designed oil circuits

Bordmatic: Convenient opening and closing of the left side wall

Three-way tipper bordmatik
Bordmatic with 90° bottom-hinged angle: The bulk material is unloaded far away from the vehicle

The Bordmatic is an hydraulic drop type (to almost 180°) side wall with high operating convenience. Open and close the left side wall from the cabine. The bordmatic is ideal in road building, for example, as an unloading chute for the central reservation.


  • The cone of material is positioned further away when tipping at the side. This protects the vehicle units.
  • You can dose the bulk material finer than with a top-hinged side wall – thanks to the continuous hold position.
  • The tipping of bulky material such as boulders is made easier by the unlimited discharge opening.
Model Side wall heights Number of hydraulic system cylinders
Type 9 500 - 800 mm 1
Type D316 - D321 800 - 900 mm 1
  1,000 - 1,100 mm 2
Type D421 - D428 900 - 1,000 mm 2
  1,100 mm 3

Lashing eyelets

Lashing eyelets in the tipper body floor
Lashing eyelets in the tipper body floor
Plugable lashing eyelets for three-way-tippers
Pluggable lashing eyelets (from type 9)
Swivelling lashing eyelets on the front wall of a three-way tipper type 9
Swivelling lashing eyelets on the front wall (from type 9)

Securing the load is simple and safe with the MEILLER three-way tipper - thanks to our versatile lashing possibilities. Profit from the revised lashing concept based on DIN EN 12640. The bridge floor remains flat due to the retractable lashing eyelets preventing bulk material getting stuck.

Your load is lashed especially securely and sturdily with the anchoring possibilities:

  • Retractable lashing eyelets with upt to 2 t maximum traction
  • Pluggable heavy-load eyelets (from type 6L) with up to 8 t maximum traction
  • Swivelling lashing eyelets on the front wall (from type D316) with 1 t maximum traction

Furthermore, under the tipper body is an additional railing with a 1 t traction for outside lashing.

Operation with a loading crane (type 1 to 9)

Three-way tipper with loading crane

Load your transport goods with a loading crane onto your MEILLER three-way tipper. The subframe in the area of the loading crane is reinforced in preparation for loading crane operation. The hydraulic pump capable of long endurance and the oil tank integrated in the subframe are designed for all common loading cranes on types 1 to 9. Switching from loading crane to tipper operation is quite simple using the change-over valve for tipper/crane operation.

Tarpaulin systems (D316 to D428)

With the original MEILLER tarpaulin systems you cover and protect your loading and save fuel. Certified to VDI 2700. Available for the three-way tipper models D316 to D416 as a roll-up tarpaulin at the side or electric sliding tarpaulin.

Further information on the MEILLER tarpaulin systems

Very easy operation with the i.s.a.r.-control

With the i.s.a.r.-control you have full control: Tip from a safe distance and at a location that gives you the best visibility. The tipping, the bordmatic, the hinging out and in of the underride guard, sliding tarpaulin and motor START/STOP are controlled with the MEILLER i.s.a.r. control radio control unit.

More information on the i.s.a.r.-control

MEILLER Eco-Kupplung®

Video: MEILLER Eco-Kupplung®

The MEILLER Eco-Kupplung® (eco clutch) is the energy saving alternative to engine-driven fixed and variable displacement pumps.The eco clutch allows you to activate and deactivate the hydraulic system when needed. This considerably reduces energy consumption.

Faciliating flexible activation, the MEILLER Eco-Kupplung ® is located between the engine-driven PTO and the hydraulic pump.

  1. The operator activates the hydraulic system using the PTO switch and the pneumatics activate the partial-load switchable clutch.
  2. The clutch accelerates the pump and connects it to the engine output shaft.
  3. The hydraulic functions are available where the clutch is fully engaged.
  4. Following use, the driver deactivates the system again using the PTO switch in the cab.

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MEILLER three-way tippers in action

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