Semi-trailer hydraulics

Hydraulic system for truck tractors

Perfectly matched for every requirement

MEILLER hydraulic systems for truck tractors are characterised by their high quality, operational safety and long lifetime. Thanks to numerous versions we can supply you with exactly the hydraulic system you need, tailored to your individual requirements and operation conditions.

We offer control valves for different pressure ranges, hydraulic tanks in a variety of sizes and materials, a large selection of hose couplings, hydraulic pumps in a large number of variants as well as many other options as required.

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Your benefits:

  • Large selection of versions and options for your needs
  • Available installed at the factory or as an assembly kit for all types of vehicles
  • Rapid and uncomplicated mounting
  • Hydraulic system in proven MEILLER quality: Powerful. Durable. Efficient.
eTRUCK ready

Fit for the future

MEILLER’s tipper bodies are compatible with all electric trucks from European manufacturers, regardless of whether they are already equipped with a mechanical power take-off (PTO) necessary for the superstructure’s hydraulics or an electric power take-off (E-PTO).

The electric drive offers a clear advantage: hydraulic systems can be operated according to demand, ensuring that the pump or hydraulics only run when the tipper body is in motion hence preventing unnecessary energy consumption.

Detailed information

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Large selection for all requirements

We have the suitable hydraulic system for your truck tractor to cover all requirements.<br/> The following versions are available:

  • 1-circuit hydraulic systems for truck tractors
  • 2-circuit hydraulic systems for truck tractors
  • Push floor/tipper semi-trailer
  • Push floor semi-trailer
  • Tipper semi-trailer/low-loader system (2-circuit pump)


Pressure ranges of our hydraulic systems

The pressure of our systems can be switched off at any time to protect the hydraulic system against wear and overpressure.

  • Maximum system pressure 275 bar

Optimum payload even with restricted available space

Due to the different amount of available space on the truck tractor, the oil tanks are available in a variety of sizes and for various mounting locations as well as with and without return flow filter. In order to optimise the payload of your vehicle, tanks for lateral attachment can be ordered in the aluminium version as well as the steel version.

Usable oil volume Dimension Mounting location Material
130 litres 490 x 600 x 620 mm side steel
135 litres 1,000 x 620 x 620 mm behind cabin steel
180 litres 660 x 600 x 620 mm side steel
180 litres 1,300 x 620 x 260 mm behind cabin steel
121 litres 400 x 636 x 706 mm side aluminium
154 litres 500 x 636 x 706 mm side aluminium

Also available as an assembly kit

In addition to mounting at the factory, the hydraulic systems for truck tractors can also be ordered as a practical assembly kit for all vehicle types. A clearly structured manual ensures ease of assembly and enables rapid, uncomplicated mounting of the systems.

Independent of the type of vehicle and manufacturer, a hydraulic system that is optimally matched to your vehicle and intended purpose can be assembled from the variety of kit variants and possible combinations.

Basic construction kit, consisting of:

  • 9-piston axial pump
  • Control valve with hold position and pressure shut-off device,
  • Lifting and lowering speed controllable
  • Set of line parts including pneumatic operating system for control valve

Additional parts:

  • Oil tank with mounting parts for side mounting
  • or mounting behind the cabin
  • Connection parts for existing combination tank
  • Set of line segments for return line
  • Couplings with protector cap and bracket



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