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In this field, the first choice in many countries is the MEILLER C325 rear tipper, exhibited at the Hanover fair. It significantly outperforms country-specific tippers in terms of customer requirements. Particularly in terms of reliability and a long service life.

Rear tipper C325

With their distinctive box bodies, bearing Jet reinforcement ribs on the sides, they are well-known and recognised in many countries. The MEILLER brand is synonymous for outstanding quality tippers. From the outside nothing much has changed, but the MEILLER classics have been modernised. Exhibit C325, representing the entire series, has been designed with export to price-sensitive high-volume markets in mind. It has been mounted to a triple-axle chassis, capable of bearing and overload. Like the superstructure, it can cope with a rated load of 25 tonnes. The box body, robustly fitted with an 8 millimetre floor and 6 millimetre side walls, fits almost 17 cubic metres of bulk material when level. In practice, it will often carry more. The reduction of the loading height also lowers the vehicle's point of gravity, thus improving driving characteristics. Universal cab protector systems can easily be retrofitted. Furthermore, the C325 features mechanical tailgate locks with fewer wearing components.

At the heart of this classic MEILLER tipper lies the well-known and proven MEILLER hydraulic system. MEILLER works with high pressure hydraulic systems and puts its trust in piston pumps. They are distinguished by their compact design and high power density. Thereby leaving simpler gear pumps way behind in terms of efficiency and stability. The MEILLER hydraulic systems are convincing, because they are particularly robust. They reliably perform their duty even under the roughest operating conditions, often without their own filter systems.

Road conditions demand it, so this extra-heavy triple-axle vehicle is equipped with a spare wheel, securely fitted to the front panel of the loading platform, where it is protected against damage. The MEILLER technicians are eagle-eyed, when it comes to ensuring that the functionality of each and every part of their C325 is essential, since parts that are not fitted cannot break. Thus, a simple roll-up tarp, operated by a crank handle, is used to secure the load.