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The all-rounder for the French market


At MEILLER we serve our French customers with the Bibenne specialities. This two-way tipper is now fitted with smooth M-Jet walls and will reach the customers equipped with a higher payload.


The three-way tipper to the Germans, is the Bibenne-tipper to our French customers. "Benne" is French for tipping and "bi" stands for two sides, and that is what the market demands. They are all-purpose tipper structures for small and large construction work. A typical Bibenne tipper features relatively low side walls combined with a tall front panel equipped with a protective roof and a higher tailgate. Tipping takes place mainly to the left with boardmatic, often supplied by MEILLER, since MEILLER Bibenne tippers have long enjoyed a splendid reputation in France. There, the yellow MEILLER diamond is synonymous for unconditional reliability and a long service life.

In new M-Jet design

At IAA in Hanover, MEILLER presents its latest Bibenne model. The six metre tipper body is mounted to a French four-axle chassis, with the box body designed for a rated load of 25 tonnes. The 6 millimetre 450HB steel plate floor is robust, the new side walls in smooth M-Jet design are executed in 4 millimetre material. On the left side, the hydraulic bordmatic provides quick turnaround times for bulk loads, the right side panel without kinematics is solid. The tailgate is equipped with the typical French "porte universelle" with wing doors and claw lock as well as a special lockable discharge opening to facilitate fine dispensing. Tailgate and front panel are both raised. A short protective roof at the front panel guards the vehicle components against damage from loads. The drivers also benefit from the modern MEILLER technology: The stable under-ride guard at the rear is folded up hydraulically when the tipper is driven into rough terrain, thus significantly increasing the slope angle at the push of a button in the driver's cabin – it couldn't be easier.