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i.s.a.r.-control remote 3 – the new innovative MEILLER remote control system

Intuitive handling meets convincing functionality

i.s.a.r.-control 3

Munich, 30 January 2019 – As the world's leading trade fair for construction vehicles, bauma is one of the largest meeting places for the industry. With this in mind, MEILLER is showcasing its completely self-developed i.s.a.r.-control remote 3 solution for the first time. This new generation of the well-proven MEILLER radio remote control system combines familiar intuitive handling with the latest technology and an attractive design. The aim and, indeed, the challenge for the tipping specialist was to enhance i.s.a.r.-control functionality and quality yet again through this new development without losing sight of user-friendliness. Previously available control elements are reduced with the i.s.a.r.-control remote 3 and complemented by a display and joystick combination. All this ensures that operation is practical and even easier for the driver as he does full control of all the functions of his MEILLER superstructure from a safe distance and with a clear view of the entire procedure.

In specific terms, main and secondary functions of the superstructure will in future be controlled through a joystick on the control unit. Only those functions actually included in the specific MEILLER superstructure ordered by the customer are illustrated on the display in each individual case. The overview is considerably improved as a result of the new software. It is possible to navigate between the function steps using the two arrow keys, while the middle button activates the superstructure start/stop function. Functional circuits can be preselected using the four buttons on the lower part of the operating device and are then depicted on the display. Practical sequence control which enables automated and, consequently, more efficient realisation of specific working cycles performed by MEILLER superstructures can also be controlled with the new i.s.a.r.-control remote system through considerably simplified operating features. The battery and other operating devices can be replaced without difficulty.

The new MEILLER operating concept was not solely conceived for easier operation and reliable control of all superstructures. The intelligent networking of superstructure control with the tractor vehicle also contributes to fuel savings and lower pollution and noise emissions. The start/stop function and patented MEILLER automatic speed control ensure that the engine only runs when work is actually being performed with the superstructure and the speed is lowered or increased, depending on the power required.