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Global first at IAA Transportation 2022

MEILLER presents the new TRIGENIUS® three-way tipper generation

Hanover/Munich, September 2022 – MEILLER presents a broad selection from its comprehensive range at the world’s leading trade fair for commercial vehicles, logistics and the transportation sector from 20 to 25 September 2022. The highpoint is the world premiere of the new TRIGENIUS® three-way tipper generation. MEILLER will be exhibiting a total of six of these completely redesigned three-way tippers for 3.5 to 41 tonne vehicles on its IAA Transportation trade fair stand in Pavilion P32 and in the adjacent outdoor exhibition area. The new products are all born of a single system, starting with the light D202 to D212 twin-axle tippers, then the 3-axle exhibit with a D316 tipper superstructure and, finally, the heavy 4-axle D421 for 32 tonne vehicles. All three-way tippers in the new generation are now based on a modular system, have a uniform, modern design with strong recognition value and set standards in terms of ergonomics, operation and efficiency.

A broad range from the MEILLER portfolio at the trade fair

In addition, the Munich specialists are exhibiting a broad range from their complete product portfolio at IAA Transportation 2022. This includes numerous innovations and product improvements from every tipper segment, in container change-over systems, the world of container transport trailers and from the comprehensive range of services. The MEILLER tippers at IAA Transportation include an AK 14 skip handler, an RS21 hooklift and rear tippers with half-round (P series) and rectangular (H series) bodies accommodating a nominal volume of up to 28 cubic metres and a nominal load of up to 50 tonnes respectively. In addition, the reliable tipping semi-trailers cannot be left out when it comes to MEILLER. On show are the 3-axle MHPS 44/3 tipping semi-trailer with a steel halfpipe body and the similarly 3-axle MHKA 44/3 tipping semi-trailer with an aluminium rectangular body, the latter having a specially modified plastic floor (QuickSilver® HD) that is particularly resistant to impacting and wear. The exhibition range is rounded off with the MEILLER container transport trailer (BTA) that the superstructure specialist included in its portfolio again about a year ago.

Additional information

Detailed information on all exhibits is also available on the MEILLER website (, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.