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Pave the way for your future career!

As a student at MEILLER

You want to pave the way for your future career? MEILLER offers you the possibility to gain valuable practical experience during your studies. We primarily focus on students from the following subject areas:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • Industrial engineering or 
  • Business administration

During the course of your internship you will be able to apply your theoretical knowledge and to gain insights into your desired profession.

Furthermore, we offer you the opportunity to write your thesis on a company related topic.

Apply for an intership or thesis

Intership for students

As a student in the fields of Mechanical engineering, Automotive engineering, or Business administration, you are able to gain valuable practical experience with an internship at MEILLER. If both parties are interested, details of your internship will be clarified in a personal interview. During your internship, we make sure you get individualized and competent support.

Experience report: Francisco Javier Hinojosa Amarante

MEILLER trainee

Francisco Javier Hinojosa Amarante from Mexico completed an internship at MEILLER. He studied Mechanical engineering/Management at Instituto Technológico y de estudios superiores de Monterrey.

"From the very first day I've enjoyed my internship at MEILLER. The atmosphere is very friendly and professional and you notice immediately that MEILLER is a family company with a long tradition.

During my internship, I gain interesting insights into various business processes - from the design and development of innovative products to the challenging manufacture of tippers. MEILLER puts emphasis on excellent quality and every department of the company is working hard to meet the requirements. Continuous improvement of processes and teamwork are very important.

I had the great opportunity to visit ´bauma 2013´, the world's biggest trade fair in this industry, and realized the important role that MEILLER plays within the construction logistics and waste management industries.

The experience and knowledge gained during my internship, are very valuable for my further career and professional life. I am proud to be part of the MEILLER family."


We offer you the opportunity to write your thesis (master, or bachelor) on a company related topic.A thesis can be written in the following in Mechanical engineering, Automotive engineering or Business administration.

You will be working on current and interesting projects of our departments and be able to contribute your suggestions, creative ideas, and commitment. Together with the head of the respective department, you will select a topic for your thesis. To ensure a successful completion of your thesis, we will provide you with individualized and competent support. Do you already have some initial ideas and potential topics concerning your thesis? The interesting activities you will be involved in will assist you in formulating your concept.

Experience report: Arndt Graubner

MEILLER trainee

Arndt Graubner is in the sixth semester of his Business administration studies at  the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg. Here he talks about his interesting tasks at MEILLER.

"As a student of TU Freiberg and future industrial engineer, I completed an internship at MEILLER's logistics department. Now, I am writing my bachelor's thesis. MEILLER supported me in finding a suitable topic and supervisor for my thesis.

The work atmosphere at MEILLER is very pleasant. From the very beginning, I received professional support and was familiarized with relevant processes. There was always someone to help me or answer my questions. Eventually, I was able to work independently on various tasks. This is what I liked best about working at MEILLER: being fully integrated in the work process.

I was able to quickly learn a lot due to the high degree of independence and the diverse tasks I was assigned. By working on various projects, attending informative workshops, and working in many different departments, I was able to acquire valuable insights into the operations at MEILLER.

Writing my bachelor's thesis at MEILLER is a great experience and I would definitely make this decision again!"

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