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Customer portrait: Breitsamer Entsorgung und Recycling GmbH

For many years Breitsamer Entsorgung und Recycling GmbH has been relying on MEILLER tippers.

The activities on the premises of northern Munich based company Breitsamer Entsorgung und Recycling GmbH can be compared to a beehive. Nearly every minute skip handlers stop to be weighted and to unload their containers at one of the ramps. The containers have been collected in every corner of the Bavarian capital.

Around 2,600 frog-green containers with white labels are in use in and around Munich – for example at Munich central station or at Olympia Park, but also on big construction sites like “Munich Seven” or “Palais at the Opera”. The company has nothing to do with a German honey producer also named “Breitsamer” – nevertheless, the collecting and recycling of resources, which is the core business of the Munich family company, strongly resembles the activity of bees. While bees collect flower nectar, Breitsamer Entsorgung und Recycling GmbH collects demolition waste, industrial waste or bulky waste, but also all other waste products that can be recycled properly.

It all started 40 years ago with the construction of the Munich subway system for the Olympic Games 1972.  It was when the first container services developed, says Johann Breitsamer Junior, commercial managing director at Breitsamer. Involved in this development were his parents, Gertraud and Johann Breitsamer (Senior) and soon also the two sons: “When we were children, my brother Thomas – today technical managing director – and I were helping in the workshop”, recalls Johann Breitsamer Junior. In the middle of the 90s, after completing their education, they took over business from their father – and expanded it. The container service hence became a very successful waste management company with Bavaria’s most modern waste sorting plant.

Johann and Thomas Breitsamer
Johann and Thomas Breitsamer

The changes in waste legislation over the last couple of years and decades called for adaptions, Johann Breitsamer Junior explains. Gone are the times, when waste was simply loaded and later deposited at a landfill. Today, this is no longer possible, says the commercial managing director. All waste must be treated and recycled properly. That means the waste has to be sorted, prepared and processed to valuable, recyclable materials. At Breitsamer Entsorgung und Recycling GmbH, this is ensured by using the modern waste sorting and treatment plant, the company’s centerpiece.

By using manual work and state-of-the-art technology, valuable materials are produced out of sorted but also mixed waste. Breitsamer Entsorgung und Recycling GmbH has a recycling rate of almost 100 %. From an ecological point of view, the company hence makes an important contribution to environmental protection, says Johann Breitsamer. Considering the 140,000 tons of waste, this is a great result. About one third of the more than 100 employees are enganged with or around the waste sorting and treatment plant. Their eyes and hands, but also magnets, air blowers and optical scanners help to sort the waste elements. Materials that cannot be reused are treated and processed, explains technical managing director Thomas Breitsamer. “Out of a special mixture of different kinds of waste we produce substitute fuel.” In 2004, the company was given the permission for the production of fuel and has since then contributed to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions. That is because the lightweight waste mixture, the so-called “fluff”, can be used instead of fossil fuels such as oil, gas or coal. Especially the cement industry relies on the substitute fuel, because it is able to create very high temperatures. The “fluff” is used for burning clinkers which are grinded for the production of different sorts of cement, explains Thomas Breitsamer.

Those employees that are not engaged with waste treatment and recycling take orders at the office, work at the in-house fitter's shop or another workshop, or drive one of 36 trucks that collect the valuable waste. About 45 drivers operate the fleet which is almost exclusively equipped with MEILLER tipping systems – and has been for many years. “MEILLER simply offers the better products when it comes to stability and durability”, says Thomas Breitsamer. His father Johann Breitsamer senior already relied on MEILLER systems and was always satisfied. “Especially the lifting power is sensational and provides sufficient reserves. Otherwise, heavy construction rubble can often cause problems”.

What impresses him the most is the great cooperation between the two Munich based family companies, says the technical managing director. Meiller’s excellent service contributes considerably to his company’s success.  With a smile, Johann Breitsamer junior adds that his brother Thomas is especially impressed with the remote control of the tippers. “Yes”, the technical managing director admits, “our drivers won’t go without it anymore.” Whether there are narrow driveways, sensitive road surfaces or containers that are blocked by parking vehicles, it makes the handling of containers very easy and convenient, says Thomas Breitsamer. “Our business benefits from that”, his brother Johann adds. „Because it’s a fast business.“ A convenient handling of the containers allows for shorter delivery times and thus higher volume of orders.

But fast also means ever changing regulations, materials and sorting techniques, says the commercial managing director. “That’s what makes this business so exiting and interesting”. Breitsamer offers everything from one source: from on-site planning with the customer to transportation and recycling. It’s a little bit like the honey producer also named “Breitsamer”, whose bees are searching for the best flower nectar to turn it into delicious honey. Breitsamer Entsorgung und Recycling GmbH is always searching for solutions to further optimize waste management and to better market their services, says managing director Johann Breitsamer.

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