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Customer portrait: Max Wild GmbH

A family enterprise in motion

"Everyone did what he is best at", is how Roland Wild explained the origins of the family-run Max Wild GmbH construction company based in Berkheim near Memmingen. The four managing directors Elmar, Jochen, Max and Roland Wild manage the company of 450 employees that celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. They are responsible for different business segments that profit from synergies and produce a far-reaching range of services. Max Wild GmbH values its well trained employees just as much as innovations and powerful technology as the factors for its success.

MEILLER semi-trailer at Max Wild
Customer-specific solution: Two lifting axles on the MEILLER tipping semi-trailer

Powerful machines and efficient vehicles are a prerequisite for excavation work, civil engineering and earthmoving as well as gravel sales. These include the 90 green painted trucks featuring their distinctive orange stripes. Nearly all of them bear the MEILLER logo. The vehicles have to stand the test in rough operation and always be ready for use – which is why Roland Wild is committed to quality. This is signalled by the perfect technical and optical condition of the entire vehicle fleet. The headquarters in Berkheim is also impressive with its modern flair.

Growth through progressive thinking

Even when he was a child, Managing Director Roland Wild looked over this father's shoulder and helped wherever he could. He has been actively involved in the company since 1987. The transport and construction company has been growing since its beginnings in the 50s – with the consistent commitment of the Wild family children and grandchildren. Each of the four brothers has brought their own talent into the company. This has enabled other segments to be gradually added to the haulage company's skills: logistics, horizontal drilling technology, surface recycling and system development for mobile machinery.

"We have been involved in system development for 6 years", explained Roland Wild. "It started with an automatic switchoff that we developed for our own construction machinery to minimise idle times." The driving force is the desire for greater efficiency. Now, for example, control and regulating systems are supplied to international construction machine manufacturers.

High cost-efficiency with new ideas

Every opportunity is taken to work with high cost-efficiency and to save energy. Therefore we asked MEILLER to fit out the tipping semitrailer with two lifting axles instead of only one. The manufacturer from Munich reacted promptly and flexibly: "MEILLER did this to meet a customer's specific requirement. And this is optimal for us because we save even more fuel", delights Roland Wild. Since then the "Wild solution" has found many copycats, because the company serves as a key customer for the region.

The managing director knows all about his trucks: "I have driven every vehicle". Roland Wild is committed to state of the art technology that makes business dealings easier: "We always have the latest and we stay ahead with our machines!" The vehicle fleet is kept young to optimally shape the costs for fuel consumption, tolls and maintenance. "Quality and service at MEILLER are very good", confirmed the managing director. And to ensure this remains over the long term, Wild has the necessary repairs carried out in the company's own master craftsmen's workshop. From post-accident repairs, spare parts service through exhaust gas systems and testing right up to restoration of special vehicles. "We have been doing this for 35 years, but the workshop is now getting too small. Our next project is the construction of a new workshop", revealed Roland Wild about his plans.

Vehicle fleet for universal use

The extensive range of service requires vehicles that Wild would like to use in many ways. "All our tippers have a steel body", he reported, "because we transport everything possible: gravel, sand, large boulders from excavations, earth and even also sludge sometimes". When it comes to universal use, MEILLER superstructures demonstrate their strengths – such as good workmanship and high stability. "For example, the side wall seal from MEILLER stays 100% tight", said Roland Wild, "and that is extremely important, particularly for sludge." The equipment must also must be right: two new tipping semitrailers have an electrical sliding tap as well as a hydraulically opened tailgate that are operated from the cab.

After 5 to 7 years the semitrailer is passed on with a good resale value. "This is due to the MEILLER steel body that lasts for a long time, even after years nothing is beaten out", said Roland Wild, "and buyers know this."

Organised for success

The many business segments complement each other in a well organised company structure and produce valuable synergies: "We have good people", explained Roland Wild. Specialists are busy in all areas employing their expertise to ensure that everything runs smoothly. "Employees are Number 1 in our company." Max Wild invests a lot, in further training in addition to initial training. 18 apprentices have just started their new jobs. A choice is available from a total of 9 trades requiring training.

Orders have long since outgrown the region's boundaries and come from throughout Germany: bridge demolitions, demolition of industrial buildings, development of construction areas with gas, sewage and drinking water supply networks as well as waterway reconstruction. For these tasks, MEILLER semitrailers, skip handlers and hooklifts guarantee productivity and cost-efficiency.

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