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Customer portrait: Gebrüder Klarwein GmbH

Secret to success of a family-owned company

"Our vehicle fleet is our business card on the road", emphasised Andreas Klarwein, son of the company owner Karl Heinz Klarwein. Who added: "We buy what is technically feasible and only very high quality." Sturdy vehicles are important for the Klarweins. This is why they have been using MEILLER three-way tippers and MEILLER tipping semitrailers for decades. The demolition and earthwork company from Weßling near Munich uses its vehicles very flexibly: for the heavy demolition business as well as earth transport and excavation works. The varied use increases productivity.

Karl-Heinz and Andreas Klarwein
Company owner Karl Heinz Klarwein (left) and son Andreas Klarwein.

In 2012 Gebrüder Klarwein GmbH celebrated its 100th anniversary. "As early as in 1956 our grandfather had MEILLER dumpers, on a Borgward truck then." The Klarweins react with pride to their two well-kept vintage vehicles from the 60s. Now the fourth generation is running the family-owned company: in addition to the company owner and his wife the daughter and two sons are in the business – traditional virtues such as honesty and reliability are valued by all generations.

Bordmatic from the very beginning

Mutual exchange of ideas characterises the connection to MEILLER: in 1973 MEILLER presented the world's first bordmatic – Klarwein tested the prototype. Since then the demolition and earthwork company has been using the automatic tipping device on the left side wall in all of its 3-side tipper and trailers. Andreas Klarwein: "We can no longer imagine operation without bordmatic."

As opposed to the hinged wall, the bordmatic wall opens hydraulically from the bottom which enables barrier-free tipping. Additionally, the vertical position of the side wall guides the bulk material far away and therefore prevents material from covering the vehicle. Dosed tipping, such as for the construction of road verges, is now carried out very conveniently.

Klarwein oldtimer
The vintage vehicle collection of the Klarwein family also contains a Borgward truck with a MEILLER tipper body.

Quality pays

Klarwein values the stable MEILLER vehicle superstructures with the sturdy locks, reinforced tipper body floors and low-wear Jet side walls. Quality pays: controlling reports an increase in productivity, few repairs, security and top value conservation. All of this has created an outstanding market position for generations. And when something has to be replaced occasionally, the MEILLER Service is not far away.

"With the modern high-strength steels the side walls are nearly damage-free in the first years. They still look like new", explained the company owner. After four years they are repainted, "but we no longer have the cumbersome task of beating out dents."

Every product development at MEILLER also brings a gain in quality: it is even possible to order thinner floor thicknesses with the latest vehicles. The creates a renewed improvement to the payload and makes the Klarweins happy.

Team values MEILLER qualities

"Our employees are proud of their vehicles", confirmed Andreas Klarwein. "And we are proud of this." A motivated team values the convenient-to-use equipment. The Klarweins regard this as being one of many important measures for gaining and retaining specialists with good qualifications. The MEILLER bordmatic also makes a contribution to safety: the driver controls the unloading from the cabin – so nothing can happen. Additionally, the cabin and components are secured with cab protection.

Versatile usage is cost-effective

The demolition and earthwork company employs 70 permanent employees and approximately 50 subcontractors. The strength lies in the logistics. "We make many small construction sites that change every 8 to 10 days – this demands good organisation," explained Karl Heinz Klarwein. Flexibility with vehicle use is therefore extremely important: "We can use our rugged MEILLER tippers in every operational field; on the outward journey we bring, for example, fine-grained earth to the landscaper, on the way back we transport a steel-concrete mixture from demolition. We avoid empty runs in this way – and that is cost-effective."