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Customer portrait: The BAST landscaping and gardening company

Master of your own success

In a garden, in the central German town of Muecke, a small digger is scooping basalt grit from a compact MEILLER tipper. Unfazed by the baking heat, the staff of the BAST landscaping and gardening company are working on a section of a private customer’s garden. Alexander Bast's staff are highly motivated and are visibly enjoying their job. His customers in turn are pleased by the fruits of their labour and return to Bast's company for repeat business - as is the case here. What is the secret of his success? Great ideas, hard work and high-quality machinery.

BAST landscaping and gardening company at work
For his work around houses, yards and gardens, Mr Bast relies on strong, durable machinery and vehicles.

During the late nineties, Alexander Bast seemed to have run out of luck. Orders had dried up in his bricklaying job and he had to reorientate himself. He took his future into his own hands. In 1998, together with his wife, he set up his own landscaping and gardening business, a field he was passionate about, which would allow him to utilise his skills. A courageous step, since he was going to rely solely on his own resources to establish the business. Over the years the family business gained experience and expanded. Now, Mr Bast employs 13 long-standing members of staff and has an impressive track record: He has many satisfied customers and an impressive fleet of machinery, including tippers, wheel loaders, mini diggers and numerous other gadgetry - stored on extensive premises, which he extended by buying an adjacent property in 2013.

Interview with Alexander Bast
During the interview, Alexander Bast describes how he set up his successful business.

"I particularly enjoy the variety my job provides", Alexander Bast explains in conversation. "Every task has its very own character - every customer, every house, every outdoor space is unique and requires a different approach." Staff members sketch and design individual proposals for customers - as one would expect a professional landscaping and gardening business to do. But that is not usually it: Even during the construction and implementation phase, clients and staff are still able to change and contribute their own ideas. It is a challenge to achieve consistent solutions together with customers, but it is that, which leaves all stakeholders highly satisfied, "Our customers enjoy the project, too, because they know that we respect and incorporate their ideas."

Digger is loading a MEILLER Baumeister trailer
The MEILLER Baumeister trailer - not only suitable for bulk material but also ideal to transport machinery.

Back at the construction site: The MEILLER tipper type 2.5 returns to the garden with a new load. The driver has picked up basalt grit from a nearby quarry. There, a wheel loader filled the 7-ton truck with hard-wearing volcanic rock. The tipper seems unaffected by the heavy-duty work. Looking at the empty tipper body at the end of the day, there are no particular wear marks from consistent and tough heavy-duty deployment.

That is Alexander Bast's reason for choosing the robust MEILLER superstructures. "Our machinery needs to be hard-wearing. We transport big rocks, natural stone, rubble or several pallets of concrete goods." The robust transporter chassis tippers are indispensable when it comes to transporting material and machinery to private gardens without leaving any major damage behind. At the same time, they offer the highest possible payloads for the transportation of stone, concrete, gravel and grit.

For the provision of his vehicles, Mr Bast values a one-stop provider. He orders his tippers directly from the truck manufacturers. Nevertheless, special requests are made possible by talking directly to MEILLER, who will charge for them separately.

MEILLER Baumeister trailer with digger
The MEILLER Baumeister trailer - not only suitable for bulk material but also ideal to transport machinery.
Digger locking mechanism on the Baumeister trailer
Digger locking mechanism on the Baumeister trailer
Folding lashing lugs Baumeister trailer
Folding lashing lugs are standard in the transporter class

The MEILLER Baumeister combination trailers, manufactured by MEILLER in Austria, offer something really special to the company. Mr Bast values the extraordinarily robust tipping trailers for all their practical features: Including the high load bearing lashing lugs on the side panels and the 2- and 8-ton lashing lugs in the floor. The trailers' lower height not only makes loading and unloading easier, but also facilitates the securing of pallets bearing concrete goods. The truck ramps integrated under the body and a digger locking mechanism in the front panel enable Mr Bast to transport smaller diggers in keeping with regulations. "It is important to us that our machinery and gadgets can be deployed and moved around flexibly. We need to be able to easily transport telehandlers and mini diggers. At the same time, we are also aware of frequent compliance checks by the authorities. But with this trailer we have never had any problems."

The choice to buy the Austrian MEILLER trailer was not a decision Mr Bast took lightly. "My decision was not based on price. MEILLER was not the cheapest provider, but they offer us the right solutions." For Alexander Bast, it is an important investment into the future of his company: "The trailer is extremely robust and hard wearing. We will simply be able to use it for a long time!"


For a business that works in improving the appearance of houses, gardens and yards, it is important to look good, too, Bast adds: "We want to present a clean image to our customers." Every member of the team is dressed in company colours, bearing the company logo. "Our machinery and fleet also need to be in great condition." Even when the going gets tough. "The visual appearance is important, even after a vehicle has been in use for 5 years - but this is a given for MEILLER."

For Alexander Bast his courageous step to set up his own business was a worthwhile decision. He knows how pleased his customers are with the work of his team. In setting up his business, he had to take many important decisions. Investing in durable machinery and vehicles is a decision he has never regretted. And his years of success prove him right.

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