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From mini excavator to large vehicle fleet

Ambitious construction company relies on MEILLER tipping semi-trailers

Gründer Alexander Kurylyszyn im Interview
An interview with company founder Alexander Kurylyszyn

Alexander Kurylyszyn began as a one-man operation in 2005 in Beeskow, Brandenburg – with a mini digger, van and trailer. “I simply had this idea”, he notes succinctly. The business group today encompasses five firms with a total of 300 employees

Kurylyszyn regards himself as a broad-based construction service provider. His enterprise offers a complete service in housing construction, tackling everything from clearing the building site and civil engineering to fully completed handover. This includes freight forwarding, the building materials trade and a container service for disposal.

[Translate to International (English):] Aktueller Kippsattel im Fuhrpark von Kurylyszyn Bau
Tipping semi-trailer currently in the Kurylyszyn Bau fleet

Hooklifts from MEILLER joined the fleet as early as 2008, and Kurylyszyn values these systems highly for their low wear characteristics and reliability. Every investment takes courage for a young company, and the choice of reliable technology enhances efficiency and makes it easier for contractors to honour delivery pledges and gain new customers through their adherence to deadlines.

The business group demonstrates this through its inclusion of MEILLER 3-axle tippers, skip handlers and tipping semi-trailers in its fleet.

Kurylyszyn schätzt die Kernkompetenz von MEILLER bei Hydraulikkomponenten
Kurylyszyn values the core competency of MEILLER when it comes to hydraulic components

Alexander Kurylyszyn praised the cooperation with MEILLER in the interview. “MEILLER has taken a lot of customer wishes into consideration in their tipping semi-trailer configuration. That’s why our tipping semi-trailers are really great in terms of weight. Aside from this, MEILLER also offers further solutions that save even more weight through, for example, the use of light alloy wheels instead of steel rims. Tare weight and the quality of the superstructure simply complement each other perfectly”.

A real distinguishing feature for the businessman is the one-stop shop principle, a concept he demonstrates through the example of MEILLER hydraulics. “MEILLER manufactures the hydraulics for tippers, hooklifts, skip handlers and tipping semi-trailers itself and has developed real expertise in this area – which is very important for me!” In addition to advantages gained through the performance and resilience of components, this also facilitates the service provided by the company. “When it comes to service and guarantees, we have always been able to rely on MEILLER”, confirms Kurylyszyn.

Finally, the company owner also addressed the costs involved. “The price is fair. We’ve received considerably more expensive offers in the past. With MEILLER, we get exactly what we need – and also have a lot of options to choose from”.

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