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First all-electric truck with MEILLER hooklift

The Volvo FE Electric is the first all-electric production vehicle to be acquired in Munich, and it will contribute to the improvement of air purity and the reduction of traffic noise. The Volvo FE Electric with hooklift which the waste management company AWM (Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb München) has taken delivery of is the first all-electric truck in Bavaria to assist with waste disposal and the first of its kind in all Germany.


Volvo FE Electric mit MEILLER Abrollkipper RL18
Volvo FE Electric with MEILLER RL18 hooklift

AWM, the municipal waste disposal company, will use the all-electric Volvo FE Electric hooklift in the metropolitan area for recycling centre container logistics. A flexible superstructure enables the e-truck to accommodate different containers, depending on requirements. The vehicle has a range of approx. 120 kilometres for this special assignment. This means the 27-tonne truck can be operated reliably and independently within the entire urban area of Munich. Four lithium-ion batteries, each delivering 50 kWh, provide the power required. The e-truck can be charged in a variety of manners, either through AC charging with up to 22 kW or, if speed is important, DC charging with up to 150 kW. The battery is then completely recharged in about one hour.

“We began operating a comparable vehicle in 2012 with a hooklift and diesel hybrid technology from Volvo Trucks. The experience we gained with this vehicle was very satisfactory indeed. It’s purely logical to take the next step now with this all-electric truck, because our cooperation with Volvo Trucks was really excellent”, says Reinhold Bauer, Fleet Manager at AWM.

The Volvo FE Electric series also improves the working environment for drivers, thanks to a low noise level and operation free of vibration. The electric truck is either charged using the power grid or at fast charging stations. The battery capacity of Volvo series e-trucks can be adapted to suit requirements. Ranges of up to 300 kilometres can be achieved as a result.

“Our electrically powered trucks are our contribution to our customers’ efforts to fulfil their transportation tasks and achieve their ambitious sustainability goals. We’re clearly striving to achieve the goal in our industry and pave the way towards a sustainable future”, says Manfred Nelles, Manager Media Relations at Volvo Trucks.

The new addition to the AWM fleet also impresses through the latest waste disposal technology. The superstructure employed is an RL 18 hooklift from Meiller. Electrification of the e-Volvo means that the PTO can now be actuated and used to suit requirements. This means that it only runs if it is really needed. The structure is controlled using the new i.s.a.r. control 3 remote system. This means that drivers can operate the hooklift from a safe distance while enjoying a considerably improved overview. The all-electric drive also means that the superstructure is considerably quieter, because the hydraulic pump only runs when the hooklift is actually being used. The resulting saving in energy in turn also increases the range of the truck.

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