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Assignment in Rottenburg am Neckar

Storz values the quality of MEILLER two-way tippers with thermal insulation

Is the MEILLER two-way tipper with thermal insulation really an all-rounder, or are its strengths only evident when transporting asphalt? Clear answers are provided in practical assignments such as asphalting operations in Rottenburg am Neckar being undertaken by the company J. Friedrich Storz from Tuttlingen on an approximately 500 m long stretch of the B28. Five MEILLER two-way tippers and a MEILLER rear tipper are already waiting on the roadside, all with thermal insulation that for some time now has maintained the temperature of the load.


MEILLER Thermo-Zweiseitenkipper im Straßenbau
MEILLER two-way tipper during unloading

As the first layer of asphalt is laid, we approach our interviewees, but the going is tough as our shoes stick to the binding agent that was first applied to the road. While the pavers are taking up position to receive the load, we ask Manuel Huber from J. Friedrich Storz why the firm chose two-way tippers with thermal insulation. “Storz is a family business with a road construction tradition that stretches back 90 years. The company develops and builds roads in many southwest German regions, ranging from urban streets to motorways. Two-way tippers are the perfect tool in this context as, in addition to asphalt, we can also transport bituminous mixture and excavated material with ease – and without particular set-up times”.

Stefan Rebmann im Interview
Stefan Rebmann from Storz: “High-quality engineering of tippers ensures versatility during operations”.

“With ease” is a good way of putting it, and Stefan Rebmann, Division Manager for asphalt paving at Storz, elaborates on this aspect further. “In addition to operating characteristics that are particularly user-friendly and rule out errors, we also value the high-quality engineering of these vehicles”. High-quality workmanship includes the unique insulation concept that protects the Bordmatic side wall and tailgate effectively against damage if the load consists of larger lumps of material.

It is therefore clear that, when it comes to the development and construction of roads, the road building specialists from Storz like to use MEILLER two-way tippers with thermal insulation as practical all-rounders.


It is now time for the MEILLER two-way tippers to swing into action on the construction site. Every machine is then continually in motion,  as interruptions would only impair the surfacing quality. Consequently, drivers require a great deal of skill and good coordination when loading the pavers. The operating concept of MEILLER two-way tippers helps in this respect, ensuring as it does error-free handling of the tippers with particular ease. The new i.s.a.r.-control remote system is also in use for operating electric sliding tarps and ensuring fine dosing during the tipping process.

The high-quality and resilient insulation concept of the MEILLER superstructure makes it particularly suitable for versatile use. The thermal insulation meets the demanding requirements of DIN 70001 and has been tested and certified by DEKRA, the expert organisation in the TIC sector.The interviews during the assignment with Storz leave us in no doubt: MEILLER two-way tippers with thermal insulation demonstrate their reliability, user-friendliness and flexibility during the development and construction of roads.