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“They know what they’re talking about”

TRIGENIUS in field test at the Glas company

Stefan Murner interview
In an interview, Georg Murner appreciates the fact that MEILLER takes the experience of users into consideration

The owners of Glas GmbH, a company in Hilgertshausen-Tandern, committed themselves to field testing of the high level of practicality of the new three-way tipper from MEILLER.

Trying out a new product can require a degree of entrepreneurial courage. The Glas GmbH fleet depends on two 3-axle tippers and a single 4-axle tipper to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Despite this, the brothers Georg and Stefan Murner were very relaxed about the field test for the new MEILLER three-way tipper – and with good reason. “We’re the third generation in this business and, to be frank, we’ve never experienced anything other than MEILLER superstructures”.

TRIGENIUS field test
The tipper field test – merciless in continuous operation

A good start for an exciting test

At Glas, expectations were pretty positive, as this was the chance to contribute to the future of a new MEILLER tipper. “We’re very satisfied. I think it’s great when larger companies approach small or medium-sized enterprises, offering them the chance to participate in a field test and provide honest feedback”. And Georg Murner is clearly proud of the fact that his opinion has contributed to product optimisation.

The superstructure manufacturer is also satisfied. “Any company would be delighted to take part in field tests of this kind”, says Christoph Thanner, Product Manager at MEILLER by way of confirmation. “They know what they’re talking about. They’ve looked at the latest innovations, tested them in their daily business and taken the time to provide frank and honest feedback, along with suggestions regarding optimisations. We want satisfied customers who are happily and safely on the move with our tippers. And we rely [on committed testers] in this respect.

TRIGENIUS Tarpaulin System
Sliding tarpaulin in operation

Proven practicality

The new three-way tipper underwent robust stress testing at Glas GmbH for a full 18 months. Where there any problems? “MEILLER employees paid frequent visits and asked us what aspects we considered to be really great, and what could be improved even more. We only detected a few minor issues which were remedied in no time at all. Service technicians from MEILLER joined us in a combined search for a solution. And then it worked beautifully”. The proverbial MEILLER quality certainly stood up well during the test phase.

Stefan Murner inspects the TRIGENIUS
Stefan Murner’s opinion of the new TRIGENIUS: The new electric sliding tarp design is a delight, as it can now be removed speedily on both sides for heavy boulders.

The new solution: “Smoother, lighter, quieter – but just as powerful”

During the interview, MEILLER surprised Georg and Stefan Murner with a final product, namely the new TRIGENIUS which was scheduled to be unveiled to the public months later at IAA Transportation 2022.

And the initial impression? “The design is pretty cool, the name has been well chosen and its functionality is entirely practicable”, admits Stefan Murner. “[It’s good] that the Bordmatic now simply remains stationary. The attachments for tarps have been well thought out and can be removed speedily for transporting heavy boulders”. Georg Murner also has his favourites. “What I find great about the new MEILLER superstructure is the number of options provided for lashing down, particularly up in the side wall. This saves us a lot of time. And the new locating pins which, thanks to their pistol grip, no longer need to be secured with a splint”.

And how does Stefan Murner sum up the whole experience? “It’s the future, without a doubt. MEILLER really thought this out very well”.

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