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With TRIGENIUS® in gardening paradise

Hübner Gärtner von Eden

Hübner Gärtner von Eden (whose name is inspired by the Garden of Eden) is located in Stiefenhofen in the Allgäu mountain range and believes implicitly in delivering quality and sustainability when designing outdoor areas and gardens. This requires a qualified team and efficient working equipment, offering a perfect opportunity for MEILLER to field test the new TRIGENIUS® with discerning users.

The Hübner family
Managers Stephanie Schneider, Ottmar Hübner and his son Julian Hübner.

“My garden. My home”.

The harmonious design of outdoor areas with a quality garden embellishes a home and expands the private sphere into nature.  Stylistically confident design is a task for professionals such as the highly qualified team behind Hübner Gärtner von Eden in the Allgäu.

Every task encompasses a myriad of design options, which is why Ottmar Hübner presents a vision of the outdoor areas or garden in the form of a drawing at the beginning of a project. This requires individual consultation and takes ambient conditions into consideration. The wishes of customers, who are mainly private individuals, differ greatly, with some regarding the garden as a place to relax or a source of energy, and others as a venue where friends can gather.

Garden designs cover a broad spectrum, ranging from a close affinity with nature and uncontrolled growth to a cultivated and clear structure.

The TRIGENIUS during unloading
Total commitment and precision work: the Hübner team pulls together to get the job done.

19 employees with a variety of qualifications and a deep awareness of quality implement projects in an efficient manner. Direct contact with these specialists reveals a friendly, open approach with a willingness to discuss matters. The team works in concert, ensuring a seamless workflow and, ultimately, that the final results reflect the high expectations of customers.

Close cooperation of the gardeners from Eden

Ottmar Hübner is a member of the “Gärtner von Eden” cooperative, further broadening the scope involved. Around 50 horticultural companies pursue a common goal of achieving sustainability and the highest quality in garden design. In order to achieve this, they share knowledge, coordinate marketing, support each other and adopt a uniform image in their business dealings.

Field testing under real-life conditions

A professional team requires versatile and reliable tools, which is why Hübner Gärtner von Eden has for many years placed its faith in tippers from MEILLER. Managing Director Ottmar Hübner justified the use of the MEILLER TRIGENIUS® three-way tipper through a practical example. “Application options are much more flexible. It saves time. And real added value is gained by being able to tip in all directions without shovelling”.

Versatile use is also an excellent prerequisite for testing the TRIGENIUS® D202 in daily use on a transporter with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5t. Managing Director Ottmar Hübner believes this offers a golden opportunity.

“The field test offered us an excellent opportunity to contribute to fine tuning of the three-way tipper from the point of view of horticulturists and landscapers and see where further improvements could be made”.

The new TRIGENIUS® is field tested during daily use.
TRIGENIUS in action for Hübner Gartenbau

Innovations for practical applications

The latest innovations which the field test vehicle already incorporated were very well received during the practical field test. Julian Hübner, the Managing Director’s son, demonstrated this directly on the TRIGENIUS®. “We like using it during garden maintenance and in the gardening service”.

He considers the locks on the side walls to be ideal for handling, something he is used to with the larger MEILLER tippers. The new single-handed operation of the locking pins for the ball-type tipping components are also deserving of mention, making reinserting more convenient and safer.

Access steps fixed directly to the side walls and tailgate mean that other aids such as ladders can be dispensed with and facilitate easy accessing of the tipper body.

“A successful package”

The overall evaluation of the new TRIGENIUS® by Julian Hübner should be music to the ears of all horticulturists and landscapers. “The loading area is spacious … and has a robust but extremely light structure in the case of the 3.5 tonne class. All in all, a very successful package is mounted on the vehicle”. For horticulturists with an appreciation of quality such as Hübner Gärtner von Eden, MEILLER tippers are the perfect fit for a challenging job where efficiency demands reliable and versatile vehicles.