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Tipping semi-trailer with optimised weight


With the new MHPS 44/3 tipping trailer, MEILLER takes it another step further. The slim vehicle concept offers customers extra payload, while not compromising on the usual MEILLER reliability. The steel version is available from 5.2 tonnes.

Tipping Semi-trailer MHPS-44/3

In order to save resources, all the focus is now on payload. Tipping vehicles which are mainly used on roads are no exception to this rule. The focus here is on the tipping semi-trailer, which offers utmost productivity for straightforward transport conditions. It offers the largest potential volumes and payloads in comparison to other vehicle concepts. The trend clearly points towards semi-trailers with optimised weight, which offer even higher payloads.

The new tipping trailer MHPS 44/3 MEILLER exhibits at their trade fair stand shows what they have to offer in this class. It is the choice for longer distances, when special construction or supplemental materials need to be transported. Every extra kilo means added efficiency, which will pay off at the end of the day. MEILLER relies on steel for the chassis and the body. In terms of its weight balance, the MEILLER MHPS with optimised weight can compete even with aluminium products on the market. However, in everyday use, it can be operated much more economically, not only when it comes to repairs.

Low design, slim sheet metal matrix

The new halfpipe superstructure with a 22 cubic metre volume, which is built significantly lower thanks to its roomier tipper body shape, takes the limelight. Lowering the vehicle's point of gravity, it has a positive impact on driving characteristics and loading height. The slim sheet metal matrix fulfils a determined approach to save material, wherever it is dispensable: namely, on the 3 millimetre sheet metal side walls, with an adapted side panel height of 1,400 millimetres. These are almost vertical and therefore exposed to less stress. The floor thickness has also been reduced to 4 millimetres, since this tipper with optimised weight aims at kilometres per tonne rather than frequent load turnovers. No savings have been made when it comes to the tipping shaft, which remains as robust as ever. This high performance hydraulic system is the lightest of its kind in the sector.

Light chassis

Kilos upon kilos have been dropped all around the vehicle. Therefore, the triple axle MEILLER is fitted on a BPW light axle with disc brakes, which shave off further kilograms that can be added to the payload. Body parts have been chosen taking only light components into consideration: support legs, air tank and wheels are all made of aluminium. The rear lights and floodlights with LED illuminants are contemporary and modern. The operating platform for the trailer has been dispensed with entirely. The load is secured by an electrically operated MEILLER shifting tarpaulin, which saves precious time during every loading operation.