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The best in test and his big brother


The MEILLER skip handler AK 16 is the result of consistent upgrading of tried and tested MEILLER technology. It is the heavy version of the best in test AK 12, which beat the competition in all disciplines during last year's skip handler comparison test in the German trade magazine "Verkehrsrundschau".

Skip handler AK12

The heavy version of last year's best in test on a triple-axle chassis will be shown live in action, its lifting force amounts to a handsome 16 tonnes. In spite of its stronger dimensions, the technology is comparable with the AK 12 MTG, which so comprehensively convinced the jury in the "Verkehrsrundschau's" 2015 comparison test. Six of Europe's leading manufacturers of skip handler systems had competed in the big systems comparison test. In order to reach a verdict, the nine judges had tested all vehicles and superstructures under normal everyday conditions. Among other things, they had to lift and set-off containers filled to the maximum payload under difficult conditions, set them onto a trailer and tip them. The practitioners' verdict was clear and uniform. The MEILLER skip handler AK 12 MTG came out top on all points.

In compliance with standards and certified

The MEILLER skip handlers carry the product specification AK plus two digits reflecting its lifting capacity. In consistently developing and enhancing the skip handler, MEILLER purposely focused on the implementation of their customer's wishes. A special focus was put on operational reliability. Simultaneously, they were able to further enhance their already exemplary product quality. Highly stressed zones on the arm were targeted and reinforced without a negative impact on the weight balance.

The rear under-ride guard has received a stable profile, with three rear access steps (with hand grips) screwed into position on and above it, facilitating driver access to the platform from the rear. The rear light guard contains three-light LED clusters which are more suited to the rough conditions encountered daily at the landfill and optionally replace conventional rear lights with their tried and trusted design. The significance of the sophisticated load securing system is even more evident during practical use. When choosing the "comfort plus" variant, the driver can secure his container at the touch of a button in line with the latest DIN standards. The hydraulic container lock secures the change-over skip in and against the direction of travel. Sideways, the container is clamped by two hydraulic safety brackets. Gone are the times, when this required cumbersome manual interference by the operator. These MEILLER-systems are, of course, certified and meet all applicable standards for the securing of loads.

In compliance with standards, the AK 16 is equipped with a triple tipping hook system on the tipping shaft, which ensures the safe tipping of both current standard and older containers. Advances are hidden in many details: A pneumatic safety catch in the tipping hook increases tipping safety through accurate and complete opening and closing of the tipping hook mouth. In conjunction with the opening prevention feature, this effectively prevents the container from overturning or the pivot bearing pin from slipping out.

In addition to actuating loading safety equipment, hydraulic double load valves below the loading area also contribute significantly to the reduction in hydraulic screw fittings. Increased operating ease and tipping safety are apparent when it comes to actuation of the telescopic arms. Use of new control valves ensures that the safe operation of the telescopic arms with protection against overloading is now also possible during the tipping process. When containers are at a slant or compressed garbage containers are top-heavy, they can be readjusted during the tipping process thanks to the telescopic function.

Simplified handling

The upper ends of the telescopic arms are fitted with a new chain suspension device with so-called "M-clips". The combination of chain suspension device and shortening feature with the chain fed through facilitates handling considerably. The storage facilities on the vehicle are varied: alongside the open hold behind the driver's cab, there is a large storage box with a lockable lid, which can accommodate even bulky tools such as shovels and brushes. If desired, the customer can be provided with storage boxes for small parts (also with a lockable cover) which can be fitted to complement the well-thought-out storage system at the rear of the skip handler.

The i.s.a.r.-control enables the operator to control all superstructure functions from within a radius of up to 30 metres around the vehicle at the push of a button. Optional servo controls reduce operating steps, save time and practically rule out operating errors. To improve night-time operation and work in diffused light, the keypad is illuminated.