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The H550 rear tipper is one of the heavyweights in the MEILLER range. This rear tipper's box body can fit 25 cubic metres of bulk material and is optimised for a rated load of 50 tonnes.

Rear tipper H550

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles, it will surely draw attention. The huge MEILLER tipper with a five-axle chassis is one of the giants of the trade fair. The Munich-based tipper specialists are targeting mining companies and opencast pits with this large tipper for major earthworks. Large volumes and high weight reserves are what counts in transportation off public roads. The five-axle vehicle has numerous advantages compared to highly specialised dumpers: acquisition and operating costs are significantly lower, it is significantly faster on longer distances and especially when travelling empty. And not to forget: When partially loaded or empty, it can be driven on public roads, thus dispensing with the requirement of expensive heavy or special transport measures when changing location.

Up to 30 cubic metres

Its 12 millimetre floor made of HB450 steel equips the box body perfectly for heavy loads. The 8 millimetre side walls will live up to rough work for a long time, too. In off-road use an extra excavator or loading shovel full of material is always welcome, the tailgate can easily cope with the high pressure of heavy loads. The 25 cubic metre box body does not represent the maximum limit - MEILLER can offer models for volumes up to 30 cubic metres.

Robust lateral fender plates protect the axles, wheels and body parts, in case an over-filled excavator bucket throws the load beyond the side walls. Even more importantly, the Failing Object Protective Structure, FOPS, will withstand as much as 400 kg debris from a falling height of three metres, in accordance with DIN EN ISO standards 3449 and 3164. It protects the driver's cabin and the driver from mistakes made during loading and from rockfall, and also provides protection for the expensive exhaust system. Here, MEILLER relies on a modular system with uniform bolt points at the front panel, which enables the customer to retrofit or exchange the protective structure, choosing from a variety of models.

Faster with endurance pump

At the heart of the MEILLER hydraulic system is a high performance endurance pump at engine take-off, which provides the telescopic ram with high pressure. High turnaround speeds are possible, an approach is possible even while the power take-off is engaged. It is impressive to watch how quickly the hydraulic ram will lift the heavy superstructure and how quickly the body can be lowered. Our German customer who will take this vehicle and put it to work at his site after the IAA Commercial Vehicles strongly approves of this fact.