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The payload-optimised rear-tipper


In the weight-sensitive market segment, tipper specialist MEILLER has another iron in the fire. With their halfpipe tipper P430 the Munich company demonstrates at IAA 2016 what makes and breaks today's modern rear-tipper.

Rear tipper P430

For major earthworks, there is no way around rear-tippers. High turnaround speeds and large volumes are their forte, the action is comparatively tough. The P430 rear-tipper MEILLER presents at the IAA fair stand pairs high payload up with stability. MEILLER have been able to cut down 300 kilograms in weight in constructing the P430, compared to its predecessor, enabling this MEILLER tipper to cope with payloads up to 30 tonnes. Its halfpipe body with a 17 cubic metre capacity, fitted with a 6 millimetre floor and 5 millimetre side walls, is well equipped for rough work. In high wearing areas, it is fitted with high tensile HB450 steel. Both side walls and the floor of the load carrier are welded in an overlapping configuration to provide greater stability. The triple-wall concept reduces wear through impact and abrasion.

The high-payload MEILLER tipper does not hide its qualities, not even at first sight. The height of the superstructure has been reduced by 125 mm. This is possible thanks to a slimmer subframe. The roomier tipper body shape also contributes to reduce the overall height. As the side walls are now almost vertical, they can cope with thinner walls without compromising on stability. The floor plate is 400 mm wider and reaches up further, thus bulk material will now impact onto the thicker floor and no longer onto the side walls. The reduced superstructure height lowers the vehicle's point of gravity, which means the MEILLER tipper contributes to improved driving characteristics. The vehicle's loading height is also lowered significantly, reducing the falling height of the load and thereby reducing impact damage to the tipper body.

The difference is in the detail

Every bolt of the current generation of MEILLER rear-tippers has undergone a thorough rethink. The reinforced end skirt of the tipper body, exchangeable wearing bushes for the tipper bearings, which now facilitate variable height adjustments, a new tipper body guide with a broader base to enhance tipping stability, the redesigned support system for a defined load distribution, a new stabiliser with trapezoidal cross section offering higher torsion stiffness, all contribute to improved efficiency, which is here marked by defined stability and a reduced tare weight. The new tailgates also contribute to a highly competitive tare weight. Despite their lower mass, they have more winning qualities. The edged diaphragm plate can vibrate and remains insensitive to cracking.

Also on board is the road finisher package for the transportation of asphalt, including a folding rear under-ride guard with hydraulic operation. This provides a significant improvement to the drivers' everyday work, sparing their back and preventing slipped discs. At the other end, a protective roof guards expensive vehicle components against falling debris. Here, MEILLER offers a bolted modular system to provide individual solutions, such as longer or shorter protective roofs, straight or slanted versions, where a recess is no longer required, even for vertical exhausts. The left access ladder is also worth pointing out. The space-saving ladder concept with quick-release lock is easy to operate and will not rattle on poor roads. And, even more importantly: the MEILLER ladder rigorously adheres to the accident prevention regulations of statutory accident insurance in Germany, conforming with UVV.

As is typical of the brand, the tipper hydraulic system is also made by MEILLER. The P430 exhibited is equipped with an endurance pump, which enables limited driving while the power take-off is engaged. The hydraulic cylinder will lift the loaded halfpipe with peak pressures of up to 300 bar. Here, everything comes from a single source, too. The MEILLER-own control sets the standard in the international tipper business.