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MEILLER semi-trailer body floor with improved wear resistance

Tailored blanks contribute to a longer service life and optimised payload

Munich, October 2019 – The broadness of tipping semi-trailer applications is matched by the uniqueness of individual demands made of them. The body of a semi-trailer is, in essence, designed to meet the severest requirements, with wear being most aggressive towards the rear of the tipper body. MEILLER Kipper has focused on this issue and, through its tailored blanks, now provides a body floor with optimised wear resistance for its tipping semi-trailers.

Abrasive wear and tear is highest at the rear of the tipper body
Abrasive wear and tear is highest at the rear of the tipper body.

Tailored blanks are manufactured with VS 120 wear-resistant steel (450 HBW) and integrated in the rear third of the tipper body to counter the most aggressive wear, creating a reinforced floor plate with an additional thickness of 1 mm (for a total of 5 to 6 mm, depending on the variant). This extends the useful life of the body which, in turn, makes working more economical by eliminating repair and procurement costs. Clever use of differing floor thicknesses reduces the tare weight without restricting use. In addition to enhancing wear resistance, this increases the payload of vehicles even further. MEILLER semi-trailers also impress through familiar high levels of quality.

The tailored blanks option is available for the 44 type MHPS series (halfpipe/steel body) from the Munich tipper specialist (without thermal insulation). With an optimised payload, these tipping semi-trailers are particularly robust, making them ideal for frequent tipping operations. As they mainly transport abrasive bulk material such as gravel, rocks, concrete rubble or aggregates, all the advantages of tailored blanks can be exploited here, considerably extending the service life of trailers while simultaneously enhancing the payload.

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