MEILLER Press releases

Tradition and innovation distinguish products at bauma 2022

MEILLER goes all out, exhibiting new innovations in every segment

Munich, 21 June 2022 – MEILLER Kipper will be presenting a range of new innovations and product improvements in every segment and a comprehensive package of services from 24 to 30 October 2022 at this year’s bauma, the world's leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment. The focus is on the latest skip handlers, hooklifts, three-way tippers, rear tippers and tipping semi-trailers that are increasingly suitable for use with e-trucks. In addition, the traditional manufacturer based in Munich is also bringing its successful centre-axle trailers and container transport trailers (BTA) to the trade fair. MEILLER also promises to surprise its customers with a particular treat. The most important new development will be premiered at IAA Transportation in Hanover in September 2022 and, a month later, will also make the journey to bauma 2022 in Munich. Those interested will have to be patient until then, but it has been indicated that a visit to the MEILLER stand at both these major trade fairs will be a worthwhile experience.


MEILLER skip handler, three-way tipper, tipping semi-trailer

Well-equipped for every alternative drive system

The superstructure manufacturer proved some time ago that MEILLER can also conjure up a fully-fledged tipper from a truck chassis with a battery electric drive, and this was demonstrated impressively once again at IFAT 2022 which recently ended in Munich. MEILLER was the only vehicle and superstructure manufacturer to present such a solution based on different electric 3-axle models at this event, exhibiting its proven RS21 hooklift. This demonstrated that tipper superstructures from the traditional enterprise also work problem-free with e-trucks.

The highly resourceful Bavarians addressed the subject of alternative OEM drives at an early stage and developed solutions for e-tippers. MEILLER is today capable of mounting its products on practically every existing e-truck from European manufacturers. It is irrelevant in this respect whether BEVs are already equipped with the mechanical power take-off (PTO) required for their superstructure hydraulics or an electric power take-off (E-PTO).

An electric drive harbours clear advantages for customers. Needs-based operation of the hydraulics is possible, meaning the hydraulic pump only runs and develops the pressure required in the system when the superstructure is working and moving. Energy consumption can be reduced through this method. “As a superstructure manufacturer, it is important for us to be highly diversified and always have an effective solution ready – regardless of whether the truck uses conventional diesel fuel, gas, a battery or a fuel cell”, says Michael Eicheldinger, Head of Product Management at MEILLER.

MEILLER skip handlers for easy adaptation and an even longer service life

The overhauled AK12-NT skip handler for a nominal load of 14 tonnes should excite a great deal of interest among the public. No longer a welded solution, the unit will in future be supplied to the customer with a modular screw system. Screw-based enhancement of the superstructure facilitates considerably quicker replacement of defective or worn components with spare parts. It also makes subsequent needs-based adaptation of the tipping superstructure more flexible if components on the skip handler need to be altered or supplemented.

The superstructure manufacturer changed to a cathodic dip coating for steel components to ensure the greater durability of the skip handler. The cathodic dip coating process provides excellent protection against corrosion. The hardness of this new primer makes the unit less sensitive to scratching and damage caused by stone chippings. The cathodic dip coating process causes the primer to penetrate even the tiniest of cavities, meaning that even components with complex structures are completely and evenly coated. Moreover, MEILLER also reduces the solvent content considerably as a result, making priming of its products more eco-friendly and sustainable. MEILLER already introduced this cathodic dip priming process and screw system early in the year for its RS21 hooklift.

60 months guarantee on all load-bearing parts

Adopting the motto “Designed for Future”, the new technology employed for skip handlers and hooklifts sees MEILLER extending the guarantee for all load-bearing parts of container changing systems to five years with immediate effect. This includes components such as the base frame, booms, arms of all kinds, loading platforms and stabilising jacks. The only prerequisite necessary for the guarantee is the observance by customers of prescribed service intervals. “The new guarantee commitment allows us to share our confidence and trust in our equipment with our customers”, Eicheldinger emphasises. It also offers an opportunity to contribute to the safe operational future of customers.

A broad range of tipper superstructures and trailers at bauma 2022

MEILLER is once again exhibiting a broad selection from its comprehensive range at this year’s bauma. The manufacturer will be on its own stand in the outdoor exhibition area of the Munich venue and those of partner companies, presenting its latest three-way tippers, rear tippers, hooklifts, skip handlers, tipping semi-trailers and container transport trailers. A MHPS44.3-N tipping semi-trailer with considerably improved details, a P436 rear tipper for 18 cubic metres loading capacity, a D421 three-way tipper and the very latest RS21 hooklift with a container transport trailer will be presented on location. MEILLER will also be putting the spotlight on the new AK12-NT skip handler that can be conveniently controlled with the MEILLER i.s.a.r.-control 3 remote system from a safe distance.