Apprenticeship and intership at MEILLER

A kick-start to your working life!

Even as a student in secondary or vocational school, you can have the possibility to acquire a professional work experience by participating in MEILLER´s interesting internship program.

We offer our male and female apprentices the opportunity to lay the foundation for a professional career at MEILLER. They are exposed to a myriad of perspectives and industrial applications.

We are currently training 36 young people to become industrial clerks or industrial mechanics. Each year, we offer ten apprenticeships for industrial mechanics and two apprenticeships for industrial clerks.

Industrial mechanic at MEILLER

Why become industrial mechanic?

  • Wide range of job opportunities in copanies of almost all industrial sectors
  • Continuing education opportunities, for example
    Bachelor Professional of Metal Production Technology and Operations, or Certified Engineer

Contents of apprenticeship

  • Theoretical and practical instruction in our modern workshop
  • General training on our workbench and machine tools
  • Company operations in various departments, such as tipper and parts assembly or hydraulics manufacture

Duration of apprenticeship

3.5 years


  • Mittlere Reife (certified secondary or vocational school diploma), or Abitur
  • Internship in metal processing
  • Good results in the MEILLER aptitude test
  • Good grades in mathematics, physics, and technical subjects
  • Team spirit, motivation, reliability

We are very proud of the excellent reputation our apprenticeship program has in our industry. Our apprentices generally achieve above-average scores in their final exams. 

Apply as an Industrial mechanic

Industrial clerk at MEILLER

Why become an industrial clerk?

  • Highly-qualified profession offering various career opportunities
  • Wide range of job opportunities, for example procurement, sales, logistics, finance
  • Advanced training opportunities

Apprenticeship program

  • Support in various business processes
  • Gain insight into planning, controlling and product manufacturing 
  • Support in customer and supplier service
  • Determination of requirements for products and services
  • Become familiar with our national and international locations
  • Usage of modern communication and media technologies

At the conclusion of your apprenticeship you will be able to specialize in a particular field.

Duration of apprenticeship

2.5 to 3 years (depending on qualification)


  • Mittlere Reife (general certificate of secondary education) or Abitur
  • Numeracy skills, logical reasoning, communication skills
  • Interest in using computers and modern communication tools
  • Interest in technology and product manufacture
  • Team spirit, social skills, organizing skills, flexibility

Apply as an Industrial clerk

How to apply

The first step towards your successful application: complete application documents. Please provide us with:

  • A detailed cover letter explaining why you want to apply with us
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Your latest school records
  • Certificates of internships completed

Information about your interests, favorite subjects, hobbies, or voluntary work would be appreciated. Please be mindful of your application´s appearance - the first impression is important.Please check your application for spelling or grammar mistakes before submitting your application (via post or e-mail). 

Second round: the MEILLER aptitude test.

After the application is submitted, the second round starts with an aptitude test. The test is designed to find out more about your qualifications. After successful completion of the test, we will invite you (and your parents) to a job interview with the training managers.

If we are impressed by your interview, you will receive your apprenticeship contract and start with MEILLER!

MEILLER apprentices at work

Find your contact

You are interestet in a job at MEILLER?

Human Resources:


Tel. +49 89 1487-1213


For industrial clerks:

Sabine Maxzin

Tel. +49 89 1487-1226


For industrial mechanics:

Thomas Hanisch

Tel. +49 89 1487-1910