MEILLER Skip handler

Skip handlers

Transport skips and containers more efficiently

With MEILLER skip handlers you transport skips and containers efficiently and reliably. Successfully proven in the construction and waste management industries and made for harsh practical conditions.

The loading platform of the MEILLER skip handler comes without a vehicle-specific subframe. This results in a low tare weight and permits high payloads.

The high-quality MEILLER hydraulics ensure work operations are fast and delicate. This is complemented by precise and load-independent synchronisation of stabilising jacks and telescoping lifting arms – and this is with very low-noise operation.

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Your benefits:

  • Economic operation through high reliability
  • Tipping in approximately 15 seconds through simple operation and intelligent hydraulic system
  • Safe operation and transportation through certified solutions
  • High payloads through low tare weight
  • Maintenance-friendly and value preservation through high product quality


The ideal skip handler for every requirement


  • Nominal load from 4 t to 14 t from road surface
  • For vehicles with 6.5 t to 20 t total weight
  • Depending on the model for containers/skips DIN 30735, DIN 30720 Parts 1 and 2, DIN 30730 K1 and K2 as well as silo containers (further containers on request)


  • Nominal load up to 18 t from road surface
  • For vehicles with 33 t total weight
  • For containers/skips DIN 30720 Parts 1 and 2, DIN 30730 K1 and K2 as well as silo containers (further containers on request)

Technical data

Compare our skip handlers based on their data

Type AK4 AK7 AK10 AK12 AK16
Nominal load: 4 t 7.4 t 11 t 14 t 18 t
Axles: 2 axles 2 axles 2 axles 2 axles 3 axles
Suitable chassis: 6.5 - 9 t 9 - 12 t 12 - 15 t up to 20 t up to 33 t
AK weight: 950 kg - 1,150 kg 2,000 - 2,150 kg 2,070 - 2,220 kg 2,770 - 3,010 kg 3,1205 kg - 4,060 kg
Container type: up to 5 m³ DIN 30735, DIN 30720 Part 1 DIN 30720 Part 1, DIN 30730 K1 DIN 30720 Part 1+Part 2, DIN 30730 K1+K2 DIN 30720 Part 1+Part 2, DIN 30730 K1+K2, silo container DIN 30720 Part 1+Part 2, DIN 30730 K1+K2, silo container
Support arm types*: TG N, TG N, TG N, T, TG, Z, ZA N, T, TG, Z, ZA

*Further information on the support arm types

Detailed information

Learn more about our skip handlers

Intelligent detailed solutions designed for practical use

The MEILLER skip handler programme impresses through its clever details that make work faster, more efficient and safer.

Intelligent MEILLER features increase the working speed:

  • Load-dependent quick movement: accelerates putting down and tipping, and preserves the hydraulics. With empty containers quick movement operates over the entire stroke. For loaded containers quick movement is only switched on in a specific uncritical range.
  • i.s.a.r.-control radio control unit: work quickly with the radio control unit. With the preprogrammed sequence control processes you save time.
  • Powerful MEILLER hydraulics ensure a high working speed.


  • The patented automatic speed control raises the engine speed only when really large amounts of oil are required. So you work quietly, save fuel and discharge less emissions.
  • Low maintenance requirements saves costs for spare parts and repairs.
  • MEILLER product quality ensures good value retention and makes resales lucrative.
  • Reliable MEILLER after-sales service and high spare-parts availability minimise down times.

MEILLER skip handlers guarantee safe operation thanks to many sophisticated solutions:

  • LED rear lighting: you profit from additional road safety
  • Camera systems: provide the best all-round view in the working area
  • Overload controller: detects possible vehicle overloading.
    Overload protection reduces vehicle wear and tear and provides road safety
  • Automatic level compensation
  • Exact synchronisation of the rear prop gives high stability
  • Underride guard: quickly removed for repairs
  • Cab protective wall: gives effective protection to the driver
  • Emergency control

Safe MEILLER tipping hooks

With the sturdy tipping hooks you empty the container safely. The integrated safety catch protects the container against overturning and slipping out when tipping.

Adapting the chain length

Adapt your chain length with the MEILLER fastener: the practical chain suspension device at the top end of the telescopic arms makes it easy to shorten or lengthen the chain.

Robust control unit

MEILLER skip handlers with telescoping equipment come with a control unit with overload control display and emergency control as standard equipment. All control components are installed protected.

Features for practical use

Practical solutions, cleverly thought-out

Always the matching lifting arm type

Skip handler N lifting arm
N lifting arm
Skip handler T lifting arm
T lifting arm
Skip handler TG lifting arm
TG lifting arm
Skip handler Z lifting arm
Z lifting arm
Skip handler ZA lifting arm
ZA lifting arm

N lifting arm:

  • When it has to be simple and sturdy
  • Optimal for containers that often have the same size

T lifting arm:

  • For high tipping
  • Ideal for all skip sizes

TG lifting arm:

  • For restricted available space
  • For optimum skip handling

Z lifting arm:

For low height in travel position (e.g. for journeys through underpasses)

ZA lifting arm:

For low height in working position (e.g. picking up skips in halls)

Container lock

Skip handler standard securing
Standard securing
BKE (Skip clamping mechanism)
BKE (skip clamping mechanism)
CV (Container locking mechanism)
CV (container locking mechanism)

With MEILLER skip handlers you can count on a reliable and appropriate container lock. All MEILLER load securing modules are certified and can be operated with the i.s.a.r.-control radio control unit. The modular concept makes different combinations possible.

Container lock modules

Choose from the different load securing modules. The combination of the BKE and CV modules gives ultimate safety: that is perfect load securing at the press of a button.

Simple and convenient operation with the i.s.a.r.-control

With the i.s.a.r.-control remote control you load containers from a safe distance and at a location that gives you the best visibility. With the preprogrammed sequence control processes it is easy to operate at the press of a button.

One button – many processes: very easy with sequence control

With the preprogrammed processes of the i.s.a.r.-control radio control unit you save time and avoid mistakes in the sequence of operating steps. Up to 30seconds can be saved for each sequence. You start a complete process as easy as this: with a button combination you activate a defined sequence of functions that are executed after each other. You always have full control and can intervene in the sequences at any time. With the thumb wheel you regulate the speed.

More information on the i.s.a.r.-control


Extend as you want — the ideal vehicle for everyone


MEILLER hooklifts in action


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